2014 NFL Mock Draft: 3 Rounds of Saturday Morning Reading

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17. Baltimore Ravens – Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech

I may lose Ravens fans on this one. But if I’m a betting man, I’m betting that Ozzie Newsome looks to get out of this pick or takes a defensive back. I don’t love Calvin Pryor and I definitely don’t love him this high…same can be said for Justin Gilbert. Fuller is picking up steam (rightfully so), so I could see Ozzie shocking us all and adding to an already solid starting CB duo. Ladarius Webb will be 29 next season and the Ravens have little depth at the CB spot. With the burgeoning talent at WR in the division, the Ravens have to consider a CB early.

"Justin Gilbert"18. New York Jets – Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma St.

The Jets lost Antonio Cromartie, not that it was a huge loss with his mediocre play last season. Gilbert’s length and playmaking ability will keep him from falling outside of the top 20 despite some issues with his technique.

19. Miami Dolphins – Joel Bitonio, OT/OG, Nevada

Joel Bitonio could be this year’s Kyle Long. Bitonio doesn’t possess the length you want out of a tackle but he’s held up very well against some of the better pass rushers in the country over his career, including stoning Anthony Barr in ’13. If Lewan and Martin are off the board the Dolphins could look to move down the board a bit to score Bitonio or Cyrus Kouandijo. If Bridgewater is still on the board when the Dolphins pick, expect them to have a couple of suitors for this pick.

20. Arizona Cardinals – Calvin Pryor, S, Louisville

The Cardinals could be the eventual landing spot for one of the top four QB’s, should they fall. If that happens, I could see the Browns dealing ahead of the Cardinals leaving the Cards to select from a group of defenders. Finding a safety to pair with Tyrann Mathieu will be a priority and could only be trumped if they find an edge rusher worthy of this pick.

21. Green Bay Packers – Odell Beckham Jr., WR, LSU

How could Ted Thompson pass on the value Beckham offers at No. 21. He’s a dynamic player that could work outside or inside and gives the Packers another weapon for Aaron Rodgers to play with.

22. Philadelphia Eagles – Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon St.

With Brad Roby, Darqueze Dennard, and Jason Verrett still on the board, how could Chip Kelly pass? Well, I don’t know that he will but Cooks could would be the one to intrigue Chip enough to pass on those CB options. With Jeremy Maclin coming off a knee injury and Desean Jackson ousted to Washington, WR is a huge need.

23. Kansas City Chiefs – Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana

Latimer is soaring up draft boards. I took a lot of heat having him in my top 100 a month ago but now I’m taking heat for it being too low. The rise of Latimer is more than just your typical media hype. He has all the physical tools and probably never realized his true potential with spotty QB play at IU.

24. Cincinnati Bengals – Brad Roby, CB, Ohio State

Between age and injuries the Bengals will be looking for an early upgrade at the CB position. With Darqueze Dennard still on the board, the Bengals may take some heat with this selection but in the long run Roby is the superior prospect in my book.

25. San Diego Chargers – Louis Nix III, NT, Notre Dame

The nose tackle position is a major sore spot for the Chargers and Nix’s combination of size, strength, and sneaky athleticism makes him a perfect fit for this defense.

26. Cleveland Browns – Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville

Ray Farmer would have to feel pretty good about the potential to land Bridgewater at No. 26. Unfortunately for him, I don’t see this one happening as someone will move in front of Arizona to secure Bridgewater’s services.

27. New Orleans Saints – Marqise Lee, WR, USC

Marques Colston will be 31 years old this season and looked to have lost a step – not good for a receiver that already didn’t win with his burst. Kenny Stills was a promising rookie and adding Lee to this trio secures a solid corps for Drew Brees well into the future.

28. Carolina Panthers – Morgan Moses, OT, Virginia

"Morgan Moses"

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Panthers drastically need OL help. Without help on the OL Cam Newton may be in for big struggles, no matter how much of the offense he can carry. I could see the Panthers fall from grace happening this year with so little offensive firepower to surround Cam with. Moses gives the Panthers an immediate starter at either tackle spot because he’s better than anyone on their current roster.

29. New England Patriots – Xavier Su’a-Filo, OG, UCLA

The Patriots need help along the interior of their offensive line. They could really use a guy that could swing from guard or center but Su’a-Filo is too good a value to pass up on at this point in the first round.

30. San Francisco 49ers – Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan St.

With the Aldon Smith saga likely to take shape over the course of the next couple of weeks, this pick is really up in the air. The Niners could opt for a pass rusher ala Kony Ealy or Dee Ford but the value of Dennard is just too good to pass on at this late juncture in round one.

31. Denver Broncos – Ryan Shazier, LB, Ohio St.

The Broncos were outclassed in the Super Bowl. It’s clear the balance of power has officially swung to the NFC and if the Broncos want to regain an advantage in the twilight of Peyton Manning’s career they need to add athletes to this defense. Aqib Talib, Demarcus Ware, and T.J. Ward additions should significantly help but Shazier could be the type of athlete that puts this defense over the edge.

32. Seattle Seahawks – Kony Ealy, DE, Missouri

The Seahawks would have to feel pretty good about adding a talent like Ealy to their already stacked defense. That defense took a few lumps this offseason with a couple of significant subtractions. I could see the Hawks retooling this defense early and often in the draft.

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Author: Brad

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  • Reggie

    This draft is a prime example of why I would trade up for the Lions. I knew when I saw Aaron Donald at 5 that Evans would be gone as well and then at 10 we would not be excited by who we would take. Martin is a solid player but to me another Reiff. Could be solid at LT or good at OG. Never will argue the value of the OL.

    Jerrigan is talented but like you said plays stiff. He is a hot and cold player. Roberson in Round 3 is talented but had his own issues this year.

    I would trade all three of these players for Watkins or Mack.

    • bradc11

      Agree on the trade up and think they will be actively looking for a shot to move up to snag Watkins, Mack, Donald.

      I’m not high on Jernigan but the guy is a powerful and violent player capable of dominating inside for a handful of plays a game. The value is good there and I can’t see Suh and Fairley on this roster past this year.

      I’m with you on the trade. I’d deal my 1st and 2nd to get up and get Mack or Watkins…I could see Watkins happening…if he slides past the Browns to Oakland, they would be willing to move down at a solid price. I can’t see Mack making it past three in this draft.

      • Reggie

        Agree on the “No Way in Hell” but I remember answering my own posts when I did mocks. I have thought about these picks as the morning has went on. I am not saying it would be a bad three picks. It would depend on Martin…can he play center? Or could he be a Pro Bowl LG? Would he be better than Reiff at LT and Reiff can play LG?
        Agree also that there is little chance Fairley and Suh are both back…heck both could be gone. Value is there but I am still a little worried with him. If Suh comes back with Ansah improving then Jerrigan could do well

        Roberson would be another solid CB with Slay but neither so far has shown #1 potential if that is a thing anymore.

        Trade up would be my option. Will be honest in Round 2 Deonne Buchanon would be hard to bypass. Would love him playing for Detroit. In your mock at ten Martin is as good a choice as any but I am higher on Gilbert than you are….also still kind of routing for Dennard but I will admit to homerism.

        • Reggie

          also do you not think highly of Waddle at RT? I think he showed great ability but in a short amount of time

          • bradc11

            I think the questions you asked about can he play… is the true value with Martin. I think he can play any and all of those spots. Teams have been working him out at center and reports appear to be positive. May not have ideal measurables to play LT but I’m not a fan of saying someone can’t play a spot because of their arm length. As you alluded to I think he’s a Pro Bowl LG.

            The more I watched of Kyle Fuller the more impressed I was. He’d be a guy I’d take over Gilbert and Dennard. I would take him at 10 but it’s a real longshot.

            You know I’m a fan of Waddle’s. I was high on him coming out and want to see him getting some quality snaps this season. That said, I think Martin would be a significant upgrade at that spot. I thought Waddle was a LT coming out and would like to see if he could beat out Reiff there.

            I will admit Martin is a longshot to be Detroit’s pick at 10. I think they are more likely to look to deal up in this draft. At 10, you are just stuck with what’s left after some ‘elite’ talent comes off the board. I use the term ‘stuck’ loosely as 10 this year is better than most. The guy I wouldn’t rule out in this spot is CJ Mosley. Mosley’s versatility to play (probably) any of the three LB spots could significantly upgrade that unit.

          • Reggie

            So I take it you are still somewhat high on Bridgewater?

          • bradc11

            He’s still my top ranked QB in this draft and 6th overall player, so I’m high on him. I’ve seen him through twice at field level and walked away impressed. I see great tape to go with the smarts to succeed leading me to believe he’s the top signal caller in the draft. That said, I could see him falling down the board come May 8. If he falls out of the first, I would be stunned.

  • Steve

    Yeah there is no chance in HELL we take Martin at ten…..

    • bradc11

      The sole reason I dread doing mock drafts is to hear no way in HELL. There was no way in hell D.J. Hayden was going No. 12 or Bruce Irvin No. 15, the list goes on and on. Zack Martin is a very good player with the versatility to play maybe any of the 5 OL positions. He will go higher than most anticipate…don’t see him making it down to MIA at 19. I agree with Reggie the Lions are best served moving up and taking a shot on one of the ‘elite’ talents in the draft. If they don’t I think it would be wise to add Martin who could start on the right side and fill in at any one of the other spots if/when needed.

  • ApexSteel

    The Steelers don’t need a MLB in the first especially not with EVERY top cornerback still on the board.

  • mprofetta

    I think that Mack doesn’t get a ton of consideration at #2 for a variety of reasons; the most obvious being that it feels like a luxury pick. In St. Louis’ scheme, the action is funneled toward the WLB (where Ogletree is entrenched), while the SLB is on the field less than half the time and is rarely asked to blitz. Sure, the Rams could use an upgrade from Dunbar, but if all you ask of your SLB is to stop the run and periodically pick up a back or TE, why draft Mack at #2 when you can get a Van Noy or Christian Jones in the 2nd/3rd round? If Mack is the top prospect on Snead’s board and is the pick, maybe Fisher/Walton would tweak the scheme and utilize Mack in a joker role…but that’s a lot of ifs and maybes. If the St. Louis braintrust is truly convinced that Bradford is the answer under center, I don’t see how they can pass up a potential HOF offensive tackle like Robinson.

    • bradc11

      Gregg Williams presence as DC changes things a bit for me. Williams loves to press his corners and blitz from all over the field. I’m sure he’d like to be more multiple on defense and Mack is the perfect player to give him that versatility. I could see him putting Mack at end and moving Chris Long inside on pass downs. If Williams wasn’t there I’d agree but he changes the landscape of this defense. I’m a huge fan of Robinson (my top overall player) but Mack could be the guy to put this defense over the edge in a division w/defensive stalwarts.