DirecTV Sponsored Video: Football on your Phone

"Peyton Manning"

Photo courtesy of DirecTV

As if we needed anymore incentive to sign-up for DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket, they bring us this outrageous video – featuring a rapping Peyton & Eli Manning. This viral video is promoting DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket Max package and features lyrics by Andy Samburg and The Lonely Island.

If you needed more than just watching the Manning’s parody of a ’90s-era rapping boy-band, then there’s a host of leggy dancers and a tune that is sure to stick in your head for days as reasons to watch this nearly three minutes of comedic bliss. 

“You’re phone ain’t for calling, it’s for football.” 

DirecTV found their way to the Viral Video Chart with over 7 million views (in a week) of what has become an instant classic.

The Manning’s are becoming veterans of the entertainment world with spots in commercials and Saturday Night Live on their resume. This, however, takes the cake. If you are one of the ten people who said “Peyton, who?” You won’t after this video.

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Author: Brad

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