Interview with Senior Bowl Director Phil Savage

"Phil Savage"

Las Vegas, Nevada – John is at the Mountain West Conference media days this week. He ran into former colleague and current Senior Bowl director Phil Savage to talk all things 2014 NFL Draft. After the break take a listen to over twenty minutes of draft related items from Savage.

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  • Bex_R1986

    I found this a very interesting interview, thanks for this! =)

    I was particularly intrigued by the process that leads to players getting invited to the senior bowl, including that the invite initially goes to the coaches and may be held before given to the player.

    I notice some of the focus is on the two MW QB’s, Fales and Carr, due to the location for the interview. Having watched about 6 or 7 games of Fales last year, I feel I have a good idea of his skill set, and what he needs to work on, and certainly I enter his senior season believing him to be a top 10 prospect. I love his mental game, it really comes across well his reading of defenses and decision making.

    When it comes to Carr, I have only seen his bowl game vs SMU, this was the only game available to me via the subscriptions I had. I know well not to judge a player on 1 game (Brad recommends a 3 game minimum), but in that one game at least, I certainly enter this season with questions on his prospects. While barring left tackle he seemed to have a poor OL to work with, he really struggled under pressure in that game, and led to his confidence plummeting over the course of the game. I question his composure on the basis of this one game, at least enough to watch very closely in his senior year. On this minimal footage I don’t see a starting NFL QB, so he is a guy I want to see much more of to see whether this is a legitimate concern.