NFL's Future

  • carsonic

    Nice, thorough breakdown. On the one hand, it’s a sad thing to read. On the other hand, it’s nice to see some factual evidence of something a lot of fans have maybe felt in their guts. This year will certainly be telling.

    [P.S. It’s “cachet”.]

    • Uptown Murf

      I got you bro, although he doesn’t have any “cache” either (hiding place) – good eye though bro..And thanks for the read and comment. Although I think most ppl are holding on to the Champ of yesteryear. But I must stress, he did some things well, just not enough to garner the type of fervor he does from fans, when someone questions his present day abilities. But writing and article like this..I have no cache….lol

  • John

    The world knows of Champs off games against Baltimore and Cincinnati. You can’t point out a handful of plays and base judgment on a player. The fact is that Champ played 16 games and according to PFF finished 10th in the NFL in coverage. You pointed out a couple of badly thrown passes…. The fact is they weren’tcompleted for one reason or another. In that Tampa game he dropped a easy INT where’s that image? Bailey was ranked in 3 Top 100’s by PFF, CBSSPORTS, and the players he plays against. He’s coming off a well deserved All Pro season. Also according to FootballOutsiders was a top 5 tackling CB. He only had 2 of his attempts broken. Lets also point out he has only been beaten for 3 tds in the 2011-12 regular seasons combined. Thanks for your time.

    • Uptown Murf

      Stats only tell half the story bro. You can bend stats positively or negatively. Honestly – when ppl come to me talking PFF stats and stuff – I usually stop reading. I’m a film guy through and through. Saying Champ finished 10th in coverage based off stats is way misleading. He played a super weak schedule – in a super weak division. The best 4 teams he played which were all uncommon opponents all had their way in the pass game. Imagine if Bailey was a corner for say the Panthers – and had to play the majority of his games against Roddy White, Julio Jones, Steve Smith & Vincent Jackson? He would be toasted bread even more so.

      1: He struggled against the best receivers on his schedule, all of whom were big and fast.

      2: He had 9 passes defensed and 2 In’ts…Just based off that alone should be alarming for someone with close to 70 tackles who’s playing 9 yards off receivers. Means he’s not making plays – and definitely not impact plays. He got a gift on an underthrown pass in which he was clearly smoked by AJ Green on a 9 route for 1 INT. And the Raiders threw the ball directly to him for his other INT. Kudos to him for catching the ball though.

      But imagine being Tim Jennings – having 21 passes defensed – 9 Int’s and even having a TD to boot. <— That's number one corner play. Jennings made play after play after play.

      You're asking me to include a dropped interception in a film study. You're lucky I didn't include that. lol (means you are reaching to find an impact play from him)

      And what does the world have to do with my film study? I watch anything moving in regards to football. Especially anything dealing with my guy Peyton Manning. So believe not only did I see every Broncos snap in 2012 – I saw them again the past week when I watched every defensive snap to write this article.

      And it's funny you mentioned his tackling prowess – as I pointed that out to and didn't need a stat site to tell me…And I thought I mentioned how we shouldn't do the whole so and so gave up so and so TD's? If a corner gives up a 99 yard completion – then the offense sneaks it in the next play – how is the corner not to blame????

      But thanks for the comment bro..I stand behind my work – Champ was not a #1 corner BASED OFF 2012 film. He has a chance to play better this year…..And once again I watched every defensive snap – and he gave up way more completions than he stopped. Only 9 Passes defensed bro. That's less than some lineman. 2 gift Int's – which I removed from the piece because it was getting too long…

      • Gabriel

        Those PFF stats show alot, I don’t know how you can claim to just dust them off. It says out all starting corner backs in the league he was top ten in receptions and yards allowed? To me, that basically says, hey I’m the 9th best at keep recievers from gaining yards on me, hey I’m the 4th best at recievers getting receptions on me, but to you it doesn’t mean anything because on one drive from 3 games he played poorly.

        • Murf Baldwin

          lol wth? Man this is literally probably 500 or so articles later. I’ve since moved on and become a paid professional writer…and Champ has since become unemployed. This is only a year and some change later. I found your reply looking through an old e-mail man. You may want to leave this subject alone and go help Champ find a team since he was clearly in decline and is now watching from the comforts of his couch….Is that you, Champ?

      • Gabriel

        He actually played the nfc south that year too and yes he very much slowed down Jones and White when they asked him to as well as shutting out Steve Smith and besides those plays holding Jackson back, but of course your argument is based on the selected plays. It’s like picking out highlights to see how good someone is, no its what you do after you give up 20 yards, in Champs case more than likely hold them to 0 for the rest of the game, or what u do after you get a pick, it’s the Consistency and he was playing consistent all season either your ignorant to it or your plain and simple lying, maybe you have something against Champ who knows

  • Orange_and_Blue

    I’ve been wanting Champ to move to safety since last offseason. I think he can be a bigger difference maker from the safety position.

    I tend to agree with your view point about his play, but I think a “C” grade is a too hard on him last yr. I little higher I would think.

    Good work.

    • Uptown Murf

      Thanks for your comment bro.

      The C grade is more than applicable if you take into account that guys with better play only got B’s from me.

      Asante Samuel of my Falcons had about a C year off of film – and he had 19 passes defensed and 5 int’s. Champ had 9 passes defensed and 2 Int’s…..But it’s really about what I see on film. As great of stats as Patrick Peterson had (7 Int’s – 16 passes defensed – 5 tackles) he played at a B level off of my film grade. I weigh prime matchups against top receivers heavier than beating up on some receiver from the Jags lol (Sorry Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon if you’re reading this) Stopping or limiting Calvin Johnson is weighted heavier than stopping Darrius Hayward-Bey…..But I hear ya on the safety move, I think he can hold off on that for a couple of seasons. He should be the #2 corner though. So he can beat up Heyward-Bey instead of going against a Reggie Wayne…See the difference that one move would make in the game against the Colts?

  • neighborhooddrunkpart2

    And the rookie of the year award got to…………………………. “UptownMurf”. Good Read man, and I agree 100%.

    • Uptown Murf

      I’d like to thank everyone who believed in me, especially my mother who always pushed me to work as hard as I possibly could. I’d like to give a shout out to the homies grinding legally and illegally here in Atlanta,,,,hahaha lolol Thanks bro, I appreciate it. I’m just getting started though – don’t crown me yet!!

  • Gabriel

    Steve Smith 0 catches, Torrey Smith 1 catch, when he started to follow Johnson cuz porter was getting dusted, 1 catch. He doesn’t get tested often, not only do some people fear him too much but he has such great coverage why try it and look foolish? If you really watched every defensive snap you’d say Champ was holding his own against number 1. Take into account he didnt play #2 or #3 recievers, where as Samuel gets to stay on one side and drop back into a zone, and Champ is literally following the best.