NFL's Future

  • Mark

    Nice work, the only thing I would critique is the “bad idea” by the safety to tackle Newton. The safety has to commit to one guy there, and it’s gotta be the guy with the ball. If he goes to the RB, Cam is gone, and if he tries to half tackle Newton, half defend against a possible lateral, he’s going to get burned. A coaching staff would be way more pissed about him defending against the lateral and for Cam to go by him than for him to commit to Cam and have Cam pitch it away at the last second.

    • Uptown Murf

      Cam can only run towards the inside where more help is. With Cam it’s a first down – with that space the RB has it’s a potential TD…Kids remember, always funnel your traffic to the inside where you have more help in the form of the front 7 and the guys flowing from the weak side…But thanks for the read and comment bro..

      • Mark

        Appreciate the response. Of course it risks a TD and you have more help inside but you still can’t let Cam go by you if you are able to tackle him. If he pitches the ball at the last second that’s out of your control, but it’s inexcusable to let him go by you if he is within your reach of being tackled. You can’t go straight to the RB or try to defend both options. Imagine a DE taking that logic: The QB is running right at my inside shoulder (unblocked) but I’m going to move away from the QB to commit to the RB out wide who doesn’t have the ball after the QB has passed the line of scrimmage…no way. Committing to the RB or trying to defend both the QB run AND the lateral is exactly what the option offense is designed to do – leave defenders confused about who to go for. The answer is to go for the ball carrier, every single time. I know this post is about offense but the defender made the right call here.

        • Uptown Murf

          @Mark – I hear ya bro. I wasn’t saying go straight to the running back, but if you play the middle of the two, you should be able to funnel Cam back to the inside. As you notice, the end from the weakside was already closing on Cam – that being #91 Justin Tuck. I’d take my chances with Tuck and friends tracking Cam after a 6-10 yard gain rather than a 50 yd gain by D.Williams…So yes theoretically the defender made the right call – but it’s time to adjust our defensive thinking to go along with this progressive offense. Remember the corner closest to D.Williams was being blocked by Steve Smith at the X position. So you would definitely not want any action outside of the 9’s…They outflanked everything outside of the 9’s – but you have about 7-8 defenders all bunched up in the middle. I’d play it from the outside in. Shade towards the back while forcing Cam to keep the ball. He’s a QB and they wouldn’t want him to take to many front 7 hits. They’d stop running it all together. But one pitch to D.Will and he breaks off a quick 70 yarder and you’re behind the 8 ball so to speak..

          But great observation bro – and thanks for the read. I’ll get on some defense here pretty soon for you bro…

  • Sturgis Jonboy

    Lol He’s not even the leader of his own rotten team and he’s not the most accomplished quarterback from that years draft. That would be my very on favorite, Andy Dalton. To me Cam is a poor mans Warren Moon. A person who put up huge numbers in meaningless games. A person who is mostly remembered as the guy who lost to Frank Reich in the greatest comeback in playoffs history. I said it before the draft and i’ll say it again because it still rings true. Cam is not the type of man you build your franchise around. He hasn’t shown the skills to be a leader of men and a winner on the field. Just look at RG3, the future face of the NFL. The face of a leader, the face of a winner. A man driven to be great. I don’t think Cam is in RG3’s class. Cam is the poster child of the “new” entertainer type players of todays NFL. – Gritsrgreat.

    • lol

      Most scouts had Newton rated highest in his class and superior to Dalton. Something like 4 QBs were taken before Dalton, and Cam has performed better than Ponder, Gabbert and Dalton. RG3 had a good year but that doesn’t say anything about Cam. Newton has had two of the best years any QB has ever had.

      Dancing is neither here nor there. Players dance their way to the HOF. Steve Smith does it occasionally and no one dares criticize him. Cam has always done celebrations and he’s always been better than the gaggle of statue losers who like to criticize him.

      • Sturgis Jonboy

        Cam has yet to have a winning season while Dalton has had back to back playoff appearances. Something Cinci hasn’t done since the 80’s. Dalton has turned the franchise around while Cam has done next to nothing to right the Panthers ship.

    • YouStillCan’tPost

      If Cam’s a poor man’s Warren Moon, you’re a homeless man’s Adam Schein. You should probably unplug your keyboard and give up on the internet, because you’re pretty clearly terrible at it. However, it seems to be the only way you can get sex…

      • Sturgis Jonboy

        Adam is spot on so thanks. Moon is the most overrated quarterback in the history of the NFL as Cam is the most overrated quarterback in todays NFL. I have a girlfriend so sex isn’t a problem and i’m not afraid to use my real name and facebook page.

  • Truth

    Well if it isn’t the pedophile Redskins fan with only one eye. The guy who desperately stalks around the internet and message boards he’s been repeatedly banned from trashing athletes he’s never met known as Grits aka Deadbeat Dad aka Sturgis JonBoy.

    Let’s ask Robert Griffin how good Cam Newton and the Panthers are……

    Oh. Well.. Apparently Bob is still on his back folks, we’ll have to ask him another day.

  • Patsy Hunter

    The article allows you to see the forest..despite the trees. When people see Cam they see the old baggage instead of his game. Cam is better than a poor man Warren Moon. I would let the 2012-2013 rookies have a couple of years under their belt before handing them the keys to the city. I am anxious for the 2013-2014 season with last year crop of rookies and Cam!!!!

  • anthony szeto

    LOL. Is this a JOKE

    • Sturgis Jonboy

      Brahahaha this guy^^^ biggest loser i’ve ever interacted with.

      When you resort to personal attacks you’ve already lost. Same ole same ole from you. I bet you were quick to copy and paste my comment on the huddle just to get a few kicks from your boring humor.

      BTW lets ask RG3 how it felt to win the NFC East. Maybe he can clue Cam in on the feeling.

  • RGIII’s Wheelchair

    i’m with grits on this one. cam newton is not the guy you want to see on the field if you’re a redskin or gamecock.

  • Sturgis Jonboy

    Man i thought this article would get more comments….Goes to show that nobody, save suffering Panther fans, cares about Cam Newton. I mean, he’s not even in the top 15 in jersey sales. Save time Murf and write about players who are relevant.

    • Uptown Murf

      lol ok I got you bro. Newton has to get his sales up to support my argument!! And we have to get these comments up too! HaHa – thanks for the read though my man. Negative or positive, you still took the time out either way. I’ll eventually get around to your boy Andy Dalton!?!?

  • ocmmafan

    Solid work, bro! I really liked the Panthers adding Olsen last year and it gives Cam that intermediate route he needs. They could use another option to compliment Steve Smith, but Cam is the real deal and his size/speed/strength really is something to marvel at. You’re absolutely right about size being extremely beneficial – he is able to absord punishment outside the pocket and arm strength to get balls where they need to be. That’s a huge plus. His accuracy will improve with experience AND by getting better weapons. The sky’s the limit.

    • Uptown Murf

      Like always you’re spot on OC! You see the game unlike most others, so I truly value your opinion bro! Keep it up!