2013 NFL Mock Draft: 2nd and 3rd Rounds

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"Arthur Brown"


The big boys dominated round one, now it might be time we see a run on skill positions. There’s plenty of talent still remaining as two of our top ten players remain on the board.

Teams in need of corners are in business as there remains a plethora of options that could be had deep into the third round of the draft. It was our assumption that the corner class was one of, if not the most, deep position groups in the draft and it looks like that was a solid assumption.

Rest assured that the quarterbacks (and Manti Te’o) will carry the day on your choice of networks. The opening frame will be all about Geno Smith, Ryan Nassib, and Matt Barkley. Once they are off the board, and it should come fairly early, we can get to the drafting of some very good players.

The steals of the remaining talent are Arthur Brown, Jamar Taylor, and Markus Wheaton. Look for Brown and Taylor to come off the board early on day two with Wheaton remaining an option late in round two and possibly into round three.

Enough of the talking, here’s our second and third round mock draft.

33JacksonvilleGeno SmithQBWest Virginia
34San FranciscoJustin HunterWRTennessee
35PhiladelphiaJamar TaylorCBBoise State
36DetroitTerron ArmsteadOTArkansas Pine-Bluff
37CincinnatiJonathan CyprienSFIU
38ArizonaMatt BarkleyQBUSC
39New York JetsLarry WarfordOGKentucky
40TennesseeCornellius CarradineDEFlorida State
41BuffaloArthur BrownLBKansas State
42OaklandRyan NassibQBSyracuse
43Tampa BayVance McDonaldTERice
44CarolinaMenelik WatsonOTFlorida State
45San DiegoDarius SlayCBMississippi State
46BuffaloRobert WoodsWRUSC
47DallasEddie LacyRBAlabama
48PittsburghKeenan AllenWRCal
49New York GiantsDamontre MooreDETexas A&M
50ChicagoManti Te’oLBNotre Dame
51WashingtonD.J. SwearingerSSouth Carolina
52New EnglandJohnathan HankinsDTOhio State
53CincinnatiJonathan FranklinRBUCLA
54Kansas CityKevin MinterLBLSU
55Green BayJesse WilliamsDTAlabama
56SeattleZach ErtzTEStanford
57HoustonSio MooreLBConnecticut
58DenverMargus HuntDESMU
59New EnglandQuinton PattonWRLouisiana Tech
60AtlantaJamie CollinsDE/OLBSouthern Miss
61San FranciscoKawann ShortDTPurdue
62BaltimoreMarkus WheatonWROregon State
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Author: Brad

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  • steppxxxxz

    Banks goes high second. Id be surprised if he and alford dont go high second. And mathieu might too, though one never knows.

  • steppxxxxz

    good work as always brad. You should see some of crazy mocks other places. Ok…my two cents….Jags: Banks, SF: jesse Williams, Philly: Geno Smith, Detroit: Terron Armstread, (or menalik watson….tough call)….Cincy: Cyprian or alford….Arizona…Warford……Jets: Carradine. I cant understand that carradine is still there. I really saw him going mid first.

  • steppxxxxz

    and franklin and lacy go in the third. Mathieu ….boy……i can see Harbaugh rolling the dice bottom of the 2nd……..they have that extra pick. And mathieu COULD be a real steal. He’s pretty special…just a huge risk. I feel like shamarko is going off the board in the second…swearinger, cyprian, shamarko, and maybe wilcox….could all go in the second.

  • Uptown Murf

    You know what bro? I don’t see Geno playing for Coach Fisch and my guy David Caldwell..If they were going for a QB – I could see Barkley or Nassib maybe. I think they should roll with Gabbert honestly. I know everyone likes the new ppl, but if Gabbert were in this draft, I could see him being one of the top 2-3 QB’s available off of film study.

    I want Geno in Philly or NYJ! Mostly Philly though – for reasons I’ve outlined before. (Tempo, Short area accuracy etc) Want to see Justin Hunter, Amerson, Banks, Harper etc come off the board.

    I’m honestly ready for this process to be over so we can get to guys who can play. The draft irks me bc it brings out guys who have never heard of these guys until around draft time, then they take some guy from like North East Dakota Central Tech, who played against a bunch of Dairy Queen Workers and disrespect guys who played against big time comp. Or ppl talking about a guard from Southwest Maine college of drawing like they’ve seen every game he’s played in.

    I know why it’s popular bc it’s like a version of fantasy football and gambling. My theory is, I don’t rate anyone I hadn’t watch play “On Television” for quite a few games. So I make sure I go out my way to watch and record everything.

    It’s hard listening to these callers on these radio shows across the country butcher these prospects names and say they “Love” them – they are the best! lol PPl calling from Colorado saying they love someone who plays at Florida International…Knowing damn well they never heard of him until Mike Mayock or Mel Kiper mentioned them, then they went on the internet to watch a highlight tape…SMH

    Ok I’m done venting…HAHA – Philly ppl pissing me off dissing Geno when they never heard of dude until like after the season, yet they seem to know everything about him, yet it’s all misinformation! Ok Now I’m done!!

    • steppxxxxz

      like joe flacco

      • Uptown Murf

        Flacco came from Pitt – I thought he’d beat out Ricky Stanzi… – and I watched him at Delaware. The Hens got a lot of attention – bc of him…But please use ingenuity when you get at me.

        Like i said before – I watch it all (or most). I know ppl who don’t watch anything but highlights or youtube. A couple of games at that. It’s a pet peeve of mine to hear opinions on guys that are short-sighted. I wish I could stay clear of it. If I have to hear Geno Smith referred to as a running option style QB one more time – Im going to start flying out and dunking these guys in cold tubs in their respective cities…Or if I have to hear some guy try to put a square peg in a round hole with these schematic fits I’ll…Ugh!!!

        But hey man, I see you like to argue. lol – I got a Cold Tub with your name on it man..

        • steppxxxxz

          flacco was a back up at pitt. He played for the blue hens. Im glad you get TV coverage of the fighting hens….but how old are you? (God why im having this conversation=). Im just curious. Because seriously, your sort of opinionated with little to back to up. A tub with my name on it? This is what you do…challange people on the interent? lol.

          • Uptown Murf

            Re-read what I said – it’s right above…I’ll quote it – since you aren’t comprehending.”Flacco came from Pitt – I thought he’d beat out Ricky Stanzi… – and I watched him at Delaware. The Hens got a lot of attention – bc of him…But please use ingenuity when you get at me.”

            He CAME from Pitt – he was a d1 player who transferred. He was on a high profile team that had Larry Fitz on it for the previous 3 seasons. – And yes I watched the Hens. I was dating a girl at the time who’s previous boyfriend was on the Hens. But that’s besides the point – I watch football. I don’t skim thru it.

            And I’m 29 bro. But listen no disrespect – but I can back up any and everything. But I’m not here to go back and forth with you a million times. I’m a contributor to this website and I’m thankful for that. And yes I’m extremely opinionated – but I’d rather keep those opinions exclusive to the articles and analysis I contribute. Because that’s what I do…Besides studying the hell out of all coverages and schemes for each team imaginable.