Report: Barkley and Nassib in 2-horse race for 8th pick

"Ryan Nassib"

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Buffalo Bills beat writer Joe Buscaglia believes the Bills have narrowed down their selection at No. 8 to USC quarterback Matt Barkley and Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib.


Draft week is a time to shut your ears down a little and take everything being bantered about with a grain of salt. Normally, I’d bypass posting a rumor but Buscaglia is a plugged in beat writer and the Bills have historically not been afraid of tipping their hand.

The Bills have done due diligence on all the 2013 quarterbacks and strongly seem to be heading in that direction. There has been growing speculation that the Bills and Doug Marrone would go with the known commodity in Ryan Nassib. Chris Mortensen added to that speculation today as he believes the Bills will be looking to select Nassib or trade down. In an ideal world, the Bills could do both: trade back and take Ryan Nassib in the middle of the first round range.

Barkley and Nassib make a ton of sense in Marrone’s offense as both appear to be best suited to play in a west coast timing offense as they struggle to push the ball vertically. These reports coincide with reports that Geno Smith’s agent is sweating out a draft day slide. There’s a strong sense that Geno Smith may not be the first quarterback off the board, contrary to what has been the widespread feeling throughout the pre-draft process.

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  • Duncan

    I’m not buying it. The entire time leading up to the draft Nix has said that the quality’s that they are looking for in a QB is, one, a strong arm, neither Nassib or Barkley have a great arm. Two, toughness, Barkley injured his shoulder last year and Nassib never really faced that much pressure at Syracuse, so we really don’t how he takes a hit. Three, accuracy, Barkley flusters easily and because of that tends to erratic with his accuracy, Nassib is has great accuracy in the 5-10 yard range, but anything after that is erratic. So unless Nix has just been lying through his teeth, which usually he is pretty straight forward and truthful, or he truly believes Nassib or Barkley have what it takes to be successful in NFL. I believe that Tyler Wilson is the guy that their interested in. Its really not what they did that makes me believe this but what they didn’t do, out of all the QBs that they brought in for pre-draft interviews the only guy they didn’t work out was Wilson, maybe I’m overreacting, but I wouldn’t mind it if I were right.