2013 NFL Mock Draft: If I were the GM for all 32 teams

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17. Pittsburgh Steelers – Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia

Jason Worilds isn’t my answer at OLB. I take a guy that has very average athletic skills but great tape because I’m replacing a guy that was very similar in James Harrison. Jones is a top fifteen talent (currently sitting at No. 15 on our board), so I feel I’m getting a solid value at a position of need.

"Kenny Vaccaro"

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

18. Dallas Cowboys – Kenny Vaccaro, FS/SS, Texas

My safeties are a major worry for me. Kenny Vaccaro is a guy that I’m not as high on as many others but I think its solid value and fills my biggest position of need.

19. New York Giants – Arthur Brown, ILB, Kansas State 

I was able to add Dan Connor in the offseason but I’m not letting that stop me from taking a huge value pick (Brown is rated as our 8th overall prospect). Brown can challenge Connor inside. At worst he allows us to move Mathias Kiwanuka to DE and he can play SLB for us.

20. Chicago Bears – Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State

With an eye on the future I pull the trigger on a big corner that slides a bit from where we have him valued. Rhodes is a big corner that can give me a force opposite Peanut Tillman. Tillman is a guy that I am working to get re-signed before he hits the market next offseason but Rhodes gives me insurance just in case.

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Jonathan Cyprien, SS, FIU

I need to find a starter opposite Reggie Nelson. While the draft is deep at the safety position, I’m going with a sure thing in Cyprien. I’m impressed with his ability to play in the backend and in the box. He’s the difference maker I crave in my secondary and gives me a perfect complement to a guy that I rescued off the scrap heap in Nelson.

22. St. Louis Rams (f/Washington) – Markus Wheaton, WR, Oregon St.

I’d love to grab a safety here but Cyprien and Vaccaro are off the board, so I look to add a weapon. I would have loved to get my hands on Tavon Austin but he was long gone. Wheaton is the dynamic speedster that I need in this offense.

23. Minnesota VikingsDesmond Trufant, CB, Washington

I need some depth outside of Josh Robinson and Chris Cook. Trufant is a guy that I feel comfortable is going to be a player that isn’t going to bust out and gives me the scheme versatility that my DC is looking for.

24. Indianapolis Colts – Bjoern Werner, DE/OLB, Florida St.

I wasn’t able to lock down a pass rushing linebacker in free agency, so I take to the draft to find myself a good one. Werner is a guy that I think can play on his feet. He’s a guy that I feel comfortable with in this range and think he gives us an upgrade over Jerry Hughes.

25. Minnesota Vikings – Kevin Minter, ILB, LSU

"Kevin Minter"

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Tyrone McKenzie and Marvin Mitchell comprise the depth at ILB. Needless to say I will and should look at an ILB with the pick that was part of the Percy Harvin trade. Manti Te’o intrigues me a here but I value Kevin Minter a little higher so he’s my selection. I think Minter is vastly underrated and gives me a tackling machine in the middle of my defense.

26. Green Bay Packers – Johnathan Hankins, DT/DE, Ohio State

I, like Ted Thompson, will be looking to move down from this spot as I don’t love any of the players that fill my needs on the defensive line. Hankins is a guy that intrigues me a bit because he’s a big body that has surprising athleticism. He played a ton of snaps at OSU and seemed to wear down. I’m intrigued by his ability in limited snaps.

27. Houston Texans – Stedman Bailey, WR, West Virginia 

Andre Johnson will be 32 years old to start the 2013 season. That’s hard to believe but it leaves the Texans in a tough spot as they almost have to look at the top receiver at this spot. DeVier Posey will likely start the season on injured reserve and Lester Jean and Keshawn Martin remain the only other options. Stedman Bailey is a guy that we are really high on and believe he gives us a perfect complement to Andre Johnson heading into the future.

28. Denver Broncos – Cornellius Carradine, DE, Florida St.

I’m charged with replacing the production of Elvis Dumervil. That’s a near impossible task but having Tank Carradine slide into our laps makes me feel a little more confident.

29. New England Patriots – DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson

I have a wealth of receivers but not sure that anyone on my roster has the upside of being a number one threat. I have to pat myself on the back with the moves I’ve made in the offseason to fill needs. Those moves allow me to take a receiver which could be viewed as a bit of luxury with all the additions at the position.

30. Atlanta Falcons – D.J. Fluker, OT, Alabama  

We cut Tyson Clabo leaving Lamar Holmes on his own on the right side. We are high on Holmes but we can’t pass on the opportunity to add Fluker. We have to protect Matt Ryan, who’s about to break our bank and Fluker gives us an NFL ready run blocker. The combination of pass protection and run blocking make him a very attractive option for us in the wake of Clabo dismissal.

31. San Francisco 49ers – Barkevious Mingo, OLB, LSU

The outside linebacker spot is the least of our worries but we want to capitalize on a talent that drops. We have a ton of picks and this is our sweet spot for Mingo. I’m not as high as many are on Mingo, as I see him as a situational pass rusher but he’s worth a shot at this point in the draft and gives us another guy to create havoc for opposing QB’s.

32. Baltimore Ravens – Manti Te’o, ILB, Notre Dame

Many questioned my ability early in the offseason but aren’t doing so now. We went out and got Rolando McClain but aren’t 100% confident that he’s the answer inside. Manti Te’o is a guy that we feel comfortable with at this point in the draft.

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Author: Brad

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    Well, not that I am anybody, but this is the worst mock draft I have ever seen with only a week to go!

    Richardson top 5??!!

    Austin top 5??!!
    Jamar Taylor going before Xavier Rhodes and Trufant??!!!

    Scratching my head.

    • bradc11

      Have to read the beginning or maybe the title. It’s the “if I were GM” mock draft. This came with a disclaimer but I should have bolded it with a 32 font size.

  • a57se

    Glad you are not the GM of the Jets….a Guard at 9?

    • John Steppling

      whats wrong with that? The guy is a lock to the pro bowl for a decade

      • a57se

        Like David DeCastro last year, or even better, Justin Smith a few years ago…..? Guards are not that valuable to draft at 9.

        • bradc11

          I have a top ten grade on Warmack. DeCastro was injured most of last season but carried a top twenty grade for me. Assuming you mean Jason Smith, who is a tackle and busted. Warmack is surest of things in this draft outside of Joeckel and Fisher for me. The Jets need a sure thing as this roster is pretty void of talent. Locking in a Pro Bowler is never a bad thing, regardless of position. Warmack was one of the most dominant players on tape that I have graded in five years.

          • a57se

            Some have Warmack as the no. 1 prospect, I still wouldn’t take him at 9.
            The Jets roster is not devoid of talent so that just tells me you don’t know what you are talking about…….

          • John Steppling

            well, Id still be perfectly happy with Warmack. Those guys are actually pretty rare. They improve the entire line. Warmack is that kind of talent. Just brutally powerful. As for talent on the jets. Im taking the middle ground. Not devoid maybe, but really lacking………but a kenrick ellis might blow up, I sort of think he will……so its all fluid….right now the biggest worry is rex keeping the team.

    • Uptown Murf

      Well tell me this bro, when the Jets were at their best – what did they do? They ran the ball more than anybody in the league. Think Thomas Jones & Shonn Greene. This type of Nastiness allowed for Sanchez to play against mostly man coverage and take shots when the down in distance was in his favor. They manufactured explosive plays from Brad Smith and played some great defense. If you want a quick turnaround – basing your game on mauling people is the way. Warmack will be one of the nastiest run game contributors the day he steps onto the field. The Jet’s line is solid – he can make it spectacular…Not a bad pick at all. You have to take what’s in the best interest of the personnel before you go trashing something b/c it’s not what “The Experts” think should happen…

      • a57se

        The Jets are implementing a WCO this season, not a power running game and take an occasional deep shot like Sparano attempted to do. I am pretty sure they will draft a Guard somewhere in this draft but it is not such a priority that they would bypass the other positional talent available at #9……

        • Uptown Murf

          Schottenheimer runs a version of the WCO. That’s the reason Bradford bounced back like a ping pong ball and was able to do a lot of things he did as a rookie in the WCO. Schott was the OC when the Jets were good…

          And saying a team is running a WCO is way too general. There are teams running it that look totally different. Andy Reid’s version never looked like the Texans version. Which neither look like the Saints, who are known for always being strong at guard over tackle. Still a West Coast offense but one with a power run game. (i.e. Chris Ivory, Mark Ingram and Pierre Thomas) When the Saints had Nicks and Evans at guard they won the SB and were 3rd in the league in rushing..You can have a Horizontal Pass attack and a Power run game…Ask Coach Sean Payton..I’m sure Rex Ryan would love to play that style of football again…

          I’m not saying you’re wrong in your assessment on the drafting of a guard – I’m just shocked you would question someone’s intelligence over something you can’t for sure say won’t happen…

          • a57se

            I don’t think I questioned the authors’ intelligence, I just stated I am glad he is not the GM of the Jets…….

          • Uptown Murf


  • John Steppling

    I think the Cards might well take Warmack. They need help across the line. RT might be ok with Massie improving. The interior is barely ok. Take the sure thing, a stud future all pro. I think patterson will drop. Maybe to the bottom of the first. But i think austin might too because of size. I agree though on cyprian, but I wonder if after jamar taylor, the best corner isnt Hayden. And then banks. I love banks even if he lacks elite deep speed….he’s plenty quick. And he plays great press man. Hankins Im not crazy about………and Werner i think is better than the 20s…but nobody else seems to.

  • John Steppling

    I think robert alford rates in top four or five corners…if you want a press man corner. I think he’s more of that than a Logan Ryan. I also think after cyprian and vacarro (and i agree about KV) Id take eric reid. I know he was inconsistent, but he’s got more upside than any safety in the draft. ELITE upside. I see no reason he wont find his game with the right coach. And Shamarko Thomas i have as a good second round value. But corners are interesting this year, love you to write more on this group Brad,. I have them Milliner, Rhodes, Taylor (for zone or slot) and Hayden and Banks about even, then Alford. And honestly, I love aford enough i might take him higher.

    • bradc11

      I’m an Alford fan as well but his age and Crohn’s disease scare me a little.

      • John Steppling

        age not a worry for me, but i hear you on Crohns. I dont know enough about his condition to say. The same with DJ Hayden…the guy is a first round talent….but it would sure worry me on the face of it to take him too high with that history.

  • joeisme

    Why in the world would the Packers take a very questionable NT in the first round when so many other players are available that fill immediate needs? Hankins gives up on plays and doesn’t go all out rushing the passer. He is a third round talent, not a first.

    • bradc11

      Find me a 320 pound DT that plays over 90% of his team’s plays and doesn’t wear down. Hankins has better than advertised movement skills for his size and makes an interesting 5T in Dom Capers scheme. Not close to a 3rd round talent…take to the tape on that one. For some perspective, Hankins played more snaps per game than any DT in the draft not named Sharrif Floyd and Star Lotulelei.

  • joeisme

    Kelce is no different than three other TEs the Packers have on the roster now. they need many other areas looooong before the need a seventh TE.

    • bradc11

      Need a good one. Bunch of average TE’s, including Jermichael. Kelce is a perfect blend of size, athleticism, and strength. Can block and get down the seam. Brings a unique skill set to this offense. Yo

    • bradc11

      Sorry. Hit submit before I finished. You are in need of watching some Ohio football. Drastically underestimating two very good players for your Pack.

  • Alex

    And that’s why you’re not a GM. Way too many 3rd rounders here.

  • matt

    Glad you are not the GM of the Lions. Woods by everybody’s opinion and I do mean everybody is a early third round at best possesion receiver. The Lions will go LT in the first and DE in the second and a WR who can blow the top of the secondary in the third. Just for your informatio the Lions run a Verticle passing scheme, so a great route runner is not as important as speed.

    • Reggie

      As a Lions fan I would disagree. Their are lots of reports on Woods being a early 2nd if not late 1st…I do not believe he is a 1st Round pick but he has a top 50 grade. Their might not be the talent at DE in Round 2. I might take Okafor over Woods but a 6’1, 190 pound receiver who runs good routes, has great hands and body control, is a perfect complement to Calvin Johnson. Give me him over smaller speed WR every day.

  • Niners Fan

    Niners would not give up 2 high picks like that with little return. 1160 to 950 that is = to 76th pick in the draft 3rd rounder!