2013 NFL Mock Draft – Combine Edition

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48. Pittsburgh Steelers – Stedman Bailey, WR, West Virginia

I think Bailey has a shot at being the best receiver in this class. He didn’t run well but he’s a guy that you go to on money downs when you need a 1st. Love this player and the fit.

49. New York Giants – Kawann Short, DT, Purdue

Linval Joseph and Kawann Short could give the Giants the stoutness they seek against the run. Short could go as high as 26 to Seattle, so this is excellent value.

50. Chicago Bears – Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford

"Zach Ertz"

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

Zach Ertz remains my top tight end despite having a very pedestrian Combine performance. The Bears need a threat to take some of the pressure off Brandon Marshall.

51. Washington Redskins – Matt Elam, SS, Florida

The Redskins need secondary help in the worst of ways. Corner and safety help is needed and Elam is a solid value at this point and fills a need at SS.

52. Minnesota Vikings – Terrance Williams, WR, Baylor

The Vikings struggles at the WR position are well documented. It’s looking less likely that the Vikes will deal Percy Harvin but I wouldn’t rule it out. Williams is a big, vertical threat that needs to work on running an NFL route tree.

53. Cincinnati Bengals – Markus Wheaton, WR, Oregon St.

Safety is the bigger need for the Bengals but Wheaton gives them a special talent to pair with A.J. Green. They have some young, solid options but none at the talent level that Wheaton brings to the table.

54. Miami Dolphins (f/IND) – Quinton Patton, WR, Louisiana Tech

The Dolphins have to go after a WR in free agency. Even if they can score a Greg Jennings type in FA, they would be wise to grab a receiver relatively high in the draft.

55. Green Bay Packers – Eric Reid, FS, LSU

Charles Woodson is done in Green Bay and leaves a significant void at the FS position. Reid is a good athlete that played better as a sophomore. He gives the Pack someone that can step in early and play at a position of need.

56. Seattle Seahawks – Khaseem Greene, OLB, Rutgers

The Seahawks need to find a WOLB in free agency or the draft. Malcolm Smith played well in relief of Leroy Hill but they could use an upgrade at the position.

57. Houston Texans – John Jenkins, DT, Georgia

Shaun Cody is a free agent and isn’t spectacular in the middle. The Texans find a gem late in round two to fill arguably their biggest need.

58. Denver Broncos – Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon St.

The Broncos secondary was exposed in the Playoffs, leaving me to believe they could address one of the corner spots or safety in the draft. Poyer is a playmaker that isn’t going to blow you away with his speed but brings leadership and studies the game as hard as any DB in the draft.

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59. New England Patriots – Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee

The Pats could use a slot receiver, barring they don’t bring back Wes Welker but they also need someone that can play on the outside and stretch the field vertically. Hunter is a work in progress as a route runner and consistent hands catcher but he brings unreal athleticism to go with elite size at the position.

60. Atlanta Falcons – Alex Okafor, DE, Texas

The Falcons find defensive talent early and often in the draft. I think they get a steal in Brown in round one and many believe Okafor is a phenomenal pass rusher. I don’t think Okafor is a 8-10 sack guy but could develop into a solid pass rusher.

61. San Francisco 49ers – Robert Alford, CB, Southeastern Louisiana

Alford is an early second round value in my book, so this would qualify as a steal for the ‘Niners. Alford gives them a pure cover man that is scheme diverse.

62. Baltimore Ravens – Travis Frederick, OG/OC, Wisconsin

Those that think Frederick will be affected at all by poor Combine numbers can think again. Frederick is a guy that could play immediately for the recently retired Matt Birk.

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Author: Brad

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  • neighborhooddrunkpart2

    Bailey over Patton, Williams, and Rogers? Really? We already have two wideouts like Bailey. We don’t need another 5’10 guy. Give us a wideout that is least 6’0 and up. Also if Arthur Brown run under 4.62, I’m taking him over Moore.

    • bradc11

      Arthur Brown may not run. If he does he will be under 4.62. Plays fast and I would take him in that range. Added weight will help him. I am going to count you as a Stedman Bailey hater. Kidding. I’d take him over everyone in this draft not named Cordarrelle Patterson and I’ve heard I’m not alone on that assessment. Don’t get lost in his 40 time. Agility and explosion drills were through the roof. He’s quicker than fast and is crafty as any WR in the draft.

      • neighborhooddrunkpart2

        I don’t hate Bailey, I just don’t want another short WR.

  • Reggie

    Brad you hit it spot on with the Lions. Eric Fischer is the best player at this point. I would love a DE over an OT but passing on Fischer is unwise. If we do take a DE it is looking like Ansah. That is the only player we hear about (which usually means that will not be the pick). I still think Werner should be taken over him but we shall see how the process unfolds.

    • bradc11

      Fisher fills a need and is BPA. If he’s there it will be tough for them to pass on. I’m a fan of Ansah’s to Detroit but it would be a toss up between him and Werner.

  • Reggie

    Ohhh Brad. Manti Te’o and Sam Montgomery? I do not know what to say to that. Lots of question marks surrounding those two

    • bradc11

      Great value picks where you get them. I struggled with Montgomery but I think Te’o really helps this defense. He’s a great value pick and adds on the field leadership. With the catfishing incident in the rearview mirror people are going to start focusing on football and he’s still pretty good at that.

      • Reggie

        I dont know with Te’o. Lacke elite athleticism and isnt a good fit at OLB in a 4-3. Usually agree with you but not on this one. Though saw some Carredine…you are right with him.

  • cory

    Once again, very close with my new mock! (trust me before I came on here) This was the one I came up with earlier today.
    1. KC- Joeckel 2. JAX- Fisher 3. OAK- Floyd 4. PHI- Jordan 5. DET- Ansah 6. CLE- Milliner 7. ARI- Smith 8. BUF- Barkley 9. NYJ- Patterson 10. TEN- Richardson
    I know pick two there is gonna be some disagreement. the jags will definitely be looking defense, but I think their best bet is taking a tackle. No matter who the QB is, Gabbart, 2nd or 3rd rounder, he needs to be able to stay in the pocket and that was my ideology on that

    • cory

      btw- yes, im going to give you some venom because of the Tank Carradine pick. It’s too low! I honestly see him going to TB/DAL/NYG, the 2013 Bruce Irvin

      • bradc11

        A lot with Carradine depends on his workout in April. He has said he’s going to do a full workout. If he does and looks good he could go top 15 easy.

  • Boston Sports Fan

    HOLY F***! Trufant, Hunter and Hunt all to my Pats? Hell yes! Make this happen!

    • Braeden

      I (a pats fan as well) would be thanking what ever godly force made this possible and knowing he is back on our side like in 2001-04.

      • bradc11

        I don’t think that draft is out of the realm of possibility. Hunter’s tape isn’t nearly as good as his workouts. Ditto that for Hunt…I have a 5th rd. grade on him. Trufant is one that may not make it to their pick.

  • Guest

    I (a pats fan as well) would be thanking what ever godly force made this possible and knowing he is back on our side like in 01-04.

  • Skinsfan

    Redskins don’t need a guard. They drafted one in the 3rd round last year. Needs are FS, CB, OT, TE, ILB.

    • Skinsfan

      Also Reid would be better then Elam in the 2nd round.