2013 NFL Mock Draft – Combine Edition

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33. Jacksonville Jaguars – Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas

"Tyler Wilson"

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

I don’t know if this is the Jags selection or someone else’s. Wilson isn’t a first round talent but his toughness and leadership will push him up team’s boards.

34. Kansas City Chiefs – Matt Barkley, QB, Kansas City

Andy Reid is going to run classic West Coast stuff and Barkley fits the system to a tee. This is probably best case scenario for player and team.

35. Philadelphia Eagles – Larry Warford, OG, Kentucky

I think Larry Warford is a first round talent and I’m not alone on that thought process. He’s a mauler with better than advertised athleticism. He may not be a great fit for what Chip Kelly wants to do on the OL but he’s too good at a position of need to pass on.

36. Detroit Lions – Manti Te’o, ILB, Notre Dame

At one point Lions fans were all over me for not mocking Te’o to them in the 1st. Those days are done but getting him in the 2nd is great value and he gives you some flexibility to play in multiple spots.

37. Cincinnati Bengals (f/OAK) – Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama

BenJarvus Green-Ellis isn’t the back to take this offense to the next level. With Lacy still on the board, this pick makes a ton of sense and gives them a new dimension that they were lacking with BJGE.

38. Arizona Cardinals – Menelik Watson, OT, Florida St.

Watson didn’t have the Combine that many expected but he’s still a talent that has a future at LT. He brings a ton of upside at a position of need and could play earlier than many expect. Nate Potter was solid in year one but he’s doesn’t have nearly the upside of Watson.

39. New York Jets – Mike Glennon, QB, N.C. State

The Jets gamble in waiting for round two on their QB may pay off if Glennon falls to them. The Jets may have to get aggressive and trade back into the first to find good competition for Sanchez.

40. Tennessee Titans – D.J. Swearinger, FS/SS, South Carolina

Titans fans will point to the pickup of George Wilson as a deterrent for this selection. I’m not buying that as I believe Swearinger is a major upgrade over either of their two current starting safeties. I’m looking at you Michael Griffin.

41. Buffalo Bills – Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse

Doug Marrone and Ryan Nassib are reunited in Buffalo. If Nassib is there, they would have to strongly consider taking him with this pick.

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42. Miami Dolphins – Johnthan Banks, CB, Mississippi St.

The Dolphins really need a receiver here but I think they find someone in free agency and with two picks can afford to go BPA and fill a need with one stone.

43. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Travis Kelce, TE, Cincinnati

Cornerback is the need but this free agency class has plenty of options and the Bucs have some cash to find one. Tight end is a need for this Josh Freeman led offense and Kelce gives them a freak at the position that can do everything.

44. Carolina Panthers – Robert Woods, WR, USC

How good did Robert Woods look at the Combine? I’ll answer, real good. It makes me and you wonder how affected by the foot injury was he in 2012? The Panthers need a guy that can take over as the No. 1 option for Cam Newton.

45. San Diego Chargers – Logan Ryan, CB, Rutgers

Logan Ryan fills a major need for the Chargers and brings a ton of value at pick 45.

46. St. Louis Rams – Kyle Long, OT, Oregon

This may be a pick for the future. Jeff Fisher is written all over this one. He joins his brother and could be molded into the future LT. Some point to measurables that may deter that but the skill set is there.

47. Dallas Cowboys – Jesse Williams, DT, Alabama

The Cowboys begin rebuilding their defensive line with their first two selections. Williams is a solid fit next to (hopefully Jay Ratliff).

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Author: Brad

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  • neighborhooddrunkpart2

    Bailey over Patton, Williams, and Rogers? Really? We already have two wideouts like Bailey. We don’t need another 5’10 guy. Give us a wideout that is least 6’0 and up. Also if Arthur Brown run under 4.62, I’m taking him over Moore.

    • bradc11

      Arthur Brown may not run. If he does he will be under 4.62. Plays fast and I would take him in that range. Added weight will help him. I am going to count you as a Stedman Bailey hater. Kidding. I’d take him over everyone in this draft not named Cordarrelle Patterson and I’ve heard I’m not alone on that assessment. Don’t get lost in his 40 time. Agility and explosion drills were through the roof. He’s quicker than fast and is crafty as any WR in the draft.

      • neighborhooddrunkpart2

        I don’t hate Bailey, I just don’t want another short WR.

  • Reggie

    Brad you hit it spot on with the Lions. Eric Fischer is the best player at this point. I would love a DE over an OT but passing on Fischer is unwise. If we do take a DE it is looking like Ansah. That is the only player we hear about (which usually means that will not be the pick). I still think Werner should be taken over him but we shall see how the process unfolds.

    • bradc11

      Fisher fills a need and is BPA. If he’s there it will be tough for them to pass on. I’m a fan of Ansah’s to Detroit but it would be a toss up between him and Werner.

  • Reggie

    Ohhh Brad. Manti Te’o and Sam Montgomery? I do not know what to say to that. Lots of question marks surrounding those two

    • bradc11

      Great value picks where you get them. I struggled with Montgomery but I think Te’o really helps this defense. He’s a great value pick and adds on the field leadership. With the catfishing incident in the rearview mirror people are going to start focusing on football and he’s still pretty good at that.

      • Reggie

        I dont know with Te’o. Lacke elite athleticism and isnt a good fit at OLB in a 4-3. Usually agree with you but not on this one. Though saw some Carredine…you are right with him.

  • cory

    Once again, very close with my new mock! (trust me before I came on here) This was the one I came up with earlier today.
    1. KC- Joeckel 2. JAX- Fisher 3. OAK- Floyd 4. PHI- Jordan 5. DET- Ansah 6. CLE- Milliner 7. ARI- Smith 8. BUF- Barkley 9. NYJ- Patterson 10. TEN- Richardson
    I know pick two there is gonna be some disagreement. the jags will definitely be looking defense, but I think their best bet is taking a tackle. No matter who the QB is, Gabbart, 2nd or 3rd rounder, he needs to be able to stay in the pocket and that was my ideology on that

    • cory

      btw- yes, im going to give you some venom because of the Tank Carradine pick. It’s too low! I honestly see him going to TB/DAL/NYG, the 2013 Bruce Irvin

      • bradc11

        A lot with Carradine depends on his workout in April. He has said he’s going to do a full workout. If he does and looks good he could go top 15 easy.

  • Boston Sports Fan

    HOLY F***! Trufant, Hunter and Hunt all to my Pats? Hell yes! Make this happen!

    • Braeden

      I (a pats fan as well) would be thanking what ever godly force made this possible and knowing he is back on our side like in 2001-04.

      • bradc11

        I don’t think that draft is out of the realm of possibility. Hunter’s tape isn’t nearly as good as his workouts. Ditto that for Hunt…I have a 5th rd. grade on him. Trufant is one that may not make it to their pick.

  • Guest

    I (a pats fan as well) would be thanking what ever godly force made this possible and knowing he is back on our side like in 01-04.

  • Skinsfan

    Redskins don’t need a guard. They drafted one in the 3rd round last year. Needs are FS, CB, OT, TE, ILB.

    • Skinsfan

      Also Reid would be better then Elam in the 2nd round.