2013 NFL Mock Draft – Combine Week Mock Draft

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"Dion Jordan"


1. Kansas City Chiefs – Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

Nick FolesAlex SmithMatt Flynn. Who knows if any of these guys will be the quarterback of the Chiefs during the upcoming season. What we do know is that it won’t/can’t be Matt Cassel or Brady Quinn. Everyone and their Mike Mayock believe that the Chiefs shouldn’t take a quarterback in this slot. I’m not disagreeing with the value of the pick but sometimes necessity outweighs the value.

Until the Chiefs actually sign/trade for a quarterback I will be mocking Geno Smith at this spot.

Check out what Chiefs GM John Dorsey had to say about the top of the 2013 QB class…it doesn’t bode well for my selection.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah

I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction of Dion Jordan to the Jaguars pick. I figured Jags fans would go nuts on that one but the feedback is pretty good which means they are being well schooled on Gus Bradley and his brand of defense. That said, the reality is that Jason Babin may be a one year rental at the LEO spot and Lotulelei is a big body, versatile defender that is more a sure a thing than Jordan is. They would be wise to play it safe with Star and let Babin work in as the LEO for a season.

3. Oakland Raiders – Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri                                              

I keep landing with Richardson to Oakland. You won’t find a more disruptive DT in this draft class. Richardson’s motor runs extra hot and he could be just what the doctor ordered in Oakland. The Raiders lack playmakers in their front seven and Richardson gives them an immediate impact type player.

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M

Last week we were in a real bind with Joeckel and Star on the board for the taking. With Star off the board this week it makes this pick a fairly easy one with the draft’s top player available. Drafting Joeckel allows the Eagles to move Todd Heremans inside, killing two birds with one stone.

5. Detroit Lions – Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama

This pick should come down to a pass rusher or Dee Milliner. Dion Jordan and Jarvis Jones could burn a hole in Martin Mayhew’s pocket. I’m not sure they can afford to gamble on Jordan panning out as an everydown DE in their system or bank on Jones making the successful transition to 4-3 SLB. This pick comes down to Milliner and Jones with Milliner probably being the safer of the two.

6. Cleveland Browns – Dion Jordan, OLB, Oregon

Dion Jordan is a fascinating fit in Ray Horton’s defense. His ability to bend the edge is rare and he shouldn’t fall much further than this point. Jordan gives the Browns a double-edged sword as he has rare ability to drop in coverage at 6-foot-7, 240 pounds. The Browns linebackers were abysmal in coverage last season (see Kirk Cousins torching them)

Jordan offers a unique complement to Jabaal Sheard and gives the Browns a lot of options. This pick makes a ton of sense despite there being bigger needs in the secondary.

7. Arizona Cardinals – Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

Fisher is a rare specimen as he brings loads of athleticism to the position. If he can keep weight on his frame, this guy has a shot at being a very good one in the league. Nate Potter and Bobbie Massie filled in admirably and could be the answers long-term at RT but passing on a franchise type LT is not wise for this organization.

8. Buffalo Bills – Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia

Outside of finding a long-term solution at the QB position, LB remains the Bills biggest need. With no QB being an absolute certainty at this point, the Bills turn their attention to a versatile LB that should be a solid fit in Mike Pettine’s defense. Jones cleared his first hurdle with a clean bill of health but team doctors will run him through the ringer again at the Combine. There’s no doubt that Jones’ versatility will play well in Pettine’s system and should being an immediate impact player in Buffalo.

9. New York Jets – Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

Damontre Moore makes a ton of sense at this point but I’m going a little less traditional on this one. They are lacking weapons in a major way. Whether its Mark Sanchez or someone else at the helm, they are going to have to find a legitimate threat at the WR position. Patterson lacks experience and needs some work but finding a more physically gifted receiver is an impossible task. He brings rare athletic talents to blend plus size.

10. Tennessee Titans – Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida

The Titans are probably ok at the defensive tackle position but passing on a value like Floyd with the 10th pick is not wise. While they have some nice, young options at the position none of them offer the upside and impact that Floyd can have on this defense. He gives them a disruptive force in the pass game and run game.

11. San Diego Chargers – Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma

This would really put the Chargers in a bind…but a good one to be in. Chance Warmack is a stud but Johnson’s upside at a premium position may outweigh the sure thing in Warmack. Johnson brings a unique skill set despite being relatively new to the position. His athletic talents make him a prototype LT and could be the long-term answer at a spot that has been sore spot.

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Author: Brad

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  • neighborhooddrunkpart2

    We don’t need Barkevious Overratengo, we have Jason Worilds. We need a safety though, Kenny Vaccaro would be a nice pick at 17. Sell me Mychal Rivera? Can he block?

    • bradc11

      I always know you will love my Barkevious pick. Steelers are not passing on Mingo because they have Jason Worilds. Worilds is not at that level to replace the production of Harrison. Yes, he’s a gamble but the Steelers need to take a risk on this one as they looked old and slow on defense…hurts more because it’s coming from a Browns fan but they weren’t the Steelers of old. Rivera isn’t going to make a living blocking. I know that the Steelers value blocking TE’s but the game is quickly changing and teams have to change with it. Rivera is a good value in the 5th and he’s a guy with versatility to play Y and F spots. More of an Aaron Hernandez type…6’3, 235-240.

      • neighborhooddrunkpart2

        I disagree, I think the steelers will pass on Mingo because they have Worilds.

  • Reggie

    With Werner on the board how do we take Millner? It is a reach to me. Heck I would even roll the dice with Mingo instead. Then to come back and take Ryan Broyles 2.0 with Carredine. Lions do not have the time to take time with prospects. Quinton Patten would be decent in Round 3. Much rather Werner, Logan Ryan or johnathan BAnks, and then PAatten or whoever. Just my opinion

    • Reggie

      maybe I am too hard on Millner. But no way with CArredine

      • bradc11


        Carradine is a monster and steal if you can get him in the second. Doesn’t have an injury history…this is first injury and it was a freak one. You could call Brandon Jenkins Ryan Broyles 2.0 but not Carradine. Biggest problem with people’s perception of him is that he was one-year wonder. He was dominant in 2011 as Werner’s backup. Came in relief for 5.5 sacks. Rare blend of size, speed, and power. I really don’t think he’ll be there for the Lions in the 2nd but I’m playing it safe. If not for the injury we would be talking about him as a top 15, maybe top 10 pick. Hate to say it but he’s the best pass rusher on that FSU team.

        • reggie

          Lions have just been snake bit. I worry taking a prospect in the first two rounds with a known red flag. I know one injury but timming is everything. YOu have seen more of him so I am not debating the talent.

          • Reggie

            Like I said I might have been too hard on the pick right off the bat I just worry that the Lions play above a Indian Burrial Ground and bad luck always hits us

          • bradc11

            Looks like Xanders is already making his mark on the scouting department. I have seen Tank since HS. Guy was one of the top recruits in the country and was unblockable. Was top JUCO player that everyone and their brother wanted. Played well in relief duty in 2011 and was dominant at times this season. He’s a really good player and high character guy. Some will point to him having to go JUCO route but he comes from an area of Cincinnati that not many make it out of. Tough background…tough kid…you will love him if you can get your hands on him. Based on what I’ve heard, he’s ahead of schedule.

          • Reggie

            If thats the case then hitting on CB, DE, and WR is not a bad way to go. I would say that Eric Fischer is a prospect that really intrigues me. If it is between Jarvis Jones, Dee Millner, and Eric Fischer I might go Fischer. Carredine would have to be healing well…Lions fans would go irrate if he reinjures himself like Broyles or Best or Titus (not injury but well kind of head injury I guess).
            Xanders is making his mark. I am excited to see what comes of it.

  • Buck

    So is it Logan Ryan or Banks to the Chargers in the 2nd? The past 2 versions of your mock you’ve listed one but said the other is too good to pass on.

    • Brad

      Ryan it is. Sorry left over text. It’s changed and it’s Logan Ryan, who’s a great value and fit for the Chargers.

  • joeisme

    Hankins is not a great pick, especially in the first round, The Packers got hurt at DE and ILB and need pass rush help. Hankins doesn’t offer any pass rush at all, and is a 2 down player at best. Definately not 1st round material for a team like G.B.

    • bradc11

      I implore you to watch more of Hankins. There’s plenty of youtube cutups of him and it’s worth a look. Faced constant double teams. Has an explosive first step for a big man and is an upgrade over the aging Ryan Pickett. He gives you the added value of being able to play the nose. He’s a solid pick and good value at that point.

  • nicholas perry

    If the draft went like this for Green Bay I’d be alright with it. Especially the 3rd round pick. I’d love for the Packers to take Taylor. I believe he could contribute right away.

    • bradc11

      It’s a solid mock for the Pack. Taylor would give them a grinder on the ground which I think they need. It would be a solid rotation of backs with his addition.

  • CorvaNinerFan

    WRT the Niner picks, although Cyprien’s a good player, I can’t recall the Niners taking a S in the 1st rd. I see them doing one of two things…first would be to take the best DL on the board. They could trade up to get one of the best. Second would be to go ahead and grab Ertz. If they go DL in 1st rd, then I like the Escobar pick in 2nd. If they get Ertz, then 2nd rd would likely be DL. Like the Rogers pick with their 1st in the 3rd…needed size opposite Crabtree. Also like the Logan pick at the end of the 3rd…but, if they’ve already taken a DL in the 1st, here’s where I can see them taking Chase Thomas…even if they need to trade up to get him. He’s perfect for their 3-4, and a guy already familiar with DC Fangio’s defense. Then in the 4th, it’s a secondary pick…probably CB, but could be a S. Maybe CBa Darius Slay from Miss. St or Brandon Bishop from NC St. If they CB early in 5th, then it’d likely be S at end of 5th. Couple of things to keep in mind…with 3 almost certain compensatory picks, they could easily have 2 4th rd’ers, with a total of 14 picks. They’re going to try hard to trade Alex Smith, which should garner them another pick. At any rate, armed with at least 14 picks, I fully expect GM Baalke to use some of them to trade up and get some of the players they like the most. Understand it’s almost impossible to anticipate when teams will trade up or down, just back-pocket info at this point. FA will also be a factor…I’m hoping they acquire a top DL (like Randy Starks), a CB like Sean Smith and a SS like Glover Quin. If they do any of that, it’ll change who they target in the draft somewhat.

    • bradc11

      Mocks at this point mean very little. Really just exercising for after free agency. Like you said FA is and will be a factor. The 49ers have a little leeway when they trade/cut Alex Smith. Had about $4 million before Smith is dealt with. Glover Quin is a guy I like that isn’t getting a lot of attention with bigger names out there. Once Jarius Byrd gets tagged, Quin should start to gather some attention.

  • football guru

    one of the better drafts i have seen for the panthers. i really do see them addressing WR which is a huge need early as well .

    • bradc11

      I was really stuck on the Panthers. Hopkins made the most sense there although it may be a bit of reach. In this draft, “reach” may not exist because the prospects are all bunched together. Either way, he fits a huge need.

  • Justin

    I say the chiefs should trade the 1st pick to the cardinals for patrick peterson and maybe throw in a glenn dorsey or tyson jackson.

    • Voodoo

      You’re dreaming. PP is going to be a staple for the Cards.

      • bradc11

        I’d have to agree with Voodoo on this one. Peterson isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  • SMU DE Margus Hunt will skyrocket up the draft board after he puts on a freakshow at the combine!

    • bradc11

      He may skyrocket up media draft boards but teams have a pretty good feel for what they are getting in Hunt. Elite athletic talent that has some work to do in terms of technique.

  • Skinsfan

    It’s hard to believe the Redskins passing on Reid or Elam for a CB. Safety is their #1 priority. The only reason the corners looked bad is because M. Williams got caught flat footed all the time. Reid, Cyprein or Thomas in the 2nd.

    • bradc11

      It was tough to pass on a safety but I think Poyer is a steal at that point. I gave a lot of consideration to both guys you mentioned.

  • cory

    wow this is shockingly so similar to mine… I’m actually shocked. Mine goes: 1.arizona(from KC)- geno smith 2. jax- star L 3. Oak- Richardson 4. SD(from Phi)- Luke Joeckel 5. DET- Ezekial Ansah 6. CLE- Dion Jordan 7. KC(from AZ)- Dee Milliner 8. BUF- Matt Barkley 9. Jets- Jarvis Jones 10. TEN- Sharrif Floyd 11 PHI(from SD)- Fisher 12 Miami- Patterson 13 Bucs-Rhodes 14 CAR- Lane Johnson 15 NO- Moore

    • cory

      Sorry typo. Had Werner at 13.

    • bradc11


      Wait until you see Monday’s mock draft release. If you thought this one was close to yours, the next is even closer. Check back on Monday morning and you’ll see some real similarities. Like your thinking on this one.