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"Jarvis Jones"


The health of Jarvis Jones’ spinal condition has been one of the hotter topic of the pre-draft season. Early today, I opined that it would be a headline coming out of next week’s Scouting Combine. It appears we won’t have to wait until next week to hear some positive news on the issue.

To be clear, this doesn’t put Jones in the clear as teams will independently check Jones out from head to toe by their own doctors. As Brandt said, Jones is potentially a top 10 pick with a narrowing of the spinal canal so you can guarantee this isn’t the last we hear of this issue.

Jones will have more fish to fry at next week’s event as he will be looking to prove that he has the athleticism and measurements to measure up to his draft billing. Concerns run rampant of Jones height, arm length, and straight line speed.

There is no questioning the massive production of Jarvis Jones over the course of his career at Georgia. While he may not meet height, weight, speed molds for a Von Miller-esque pass rusher, Jones brings a loads of production in the SEC over the course of two seasons. Jones has experience as a 3-4 OLB at Georgia but his best fit at the next level may be on the strongside in a 4-3.

Jones could be considered amongst the top three picks as Jacksonville and Oakland could use some help in terms of pass rush. Things get interesting after that with Philadelphia, Detroit, and Cleveland picking as all three teams could be fits for Jones. I think Detroit is one to watch as he brings what they are needing in spades.

While Brandt’s news is certainly good for Jones he has the last major hurdle next week in Indianapolis as teams will be keeping a watchful eye on his measurements and athleticism. If Jones can pass those tests, the sky is the limit. If he doesn’t your guess is as good as mine on where he lands in April.

Author: Brad

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  • Reggie

    Terrell Suggs didnt have ideal measurements either…but he turned out well. Jones plays against the best and shows up big time in key moments. I would be scared to draft him as a Lion fan but if their was no concern I thought he was the best player not named Luke Jouchel in this draft.