2013 NFL Mock Draft: 5-Rounder

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Each week I put this disclaimer up and most people ignore it. No, I don’t think one quarterback is going to go in the first round. I think a team or two may look to move back into the first to get a Matt Barkley type. But since I don’t mock trades, save for once a year in April, I only have Geno Smith going in the first. In reality I believe at least two and maybe three will go come April 25th. 

"Geno Smith"

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1. Kansas City Chiefs – Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

All signs point to Geno Smith not being the pick for the Chiefs. Just about everyone has jumped off the Geno to the Chiefs train, except me. I am still under the cloud of thought that you do everything to draft a franchise quarterback until you have a franchise quarterback. Waiting for the second round or trading back into the first round is costly in many ways. Andy Reid wins the day on this one as I think Geno will endear himself to Reid throughout the process.

Is he a perfect prospect or worthy of the first pick? Probably not but the Chiefs are a good quarterback away from competing. Until they sign someone in free agency, I will keep mocking Geno here.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Dion Jordan, DE/OLB, Oregon

This pick is sure to draw some hate mail my way but I think the Jags search for an elite pass rusher will lead them to Jordan. Gus Bradley has effectively utilized smallish pass rushers in his system. The main cog in Bradley’s wheel is the ability to disrupt. Jordan defines disruption and upside. Pete Carroll and Co, didn’t roll the dice on a guy like Bruce Irvin without consulting his defensive coordinator. Trust and believe Bradley had his say on that selection. Jordan’s versatility will pay immediate dividends.

3. Oakland Raiders – Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri                                                  

I keep landing with Richardson to Oakland. You won’t find a more disruptive DT in this draft class. Richardson’s motor runs extra hot and he could be just what the doctor ordered in Oakland. The Raiders lack playmakers in their front seven and Richardson gives them an immediate impact type player.

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah

I warned of this scenario last week if Lotulelei and Luke Joeckel were on the board. It’s a win-win for the Eagles but finding a dominate DL with versatility to play the nose or 5-technique takes precedent. Lotulelei is drawing favorable comparisons to Haloti Ngata. Chip Kelly will look to put his stamp on the defensive side of the ball as he knows he can work with the offensive weapons in place.

5. Detroit Lions – Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M

Detroit would jump for joy if this situation plays out. They could take Joeckel and stick him on the left side for the next fifteen years or garner a ton of trade interest for my top player in the draft. If I were them, I would take Joeckel and never look back.

6. Cleveland Browns – Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama

Sheldon Brown is as good as gone and no one else on the roster can fill the spot opposite Joe Haden. Buster Skrine and Trevin Wade have some talent but both are best suited playing over the slot. Neither is ready to take a step as a starter. Milliner gives Ray Horton’s defense an immediate impact player that could make hay opposite Haden.

7. Arizona Cardinals – Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

Fisher is a rare specimen as he brings loads of athleticism to the position. If he can keep weight on his frame, this guy has a shot at being a very good one in the league. Nate Potter and Bobbie Massie filled in admirably and could be the answers long-term at RT but passing on a franchise type LT is not wise for this organization.

8. Buffalo Bills – Damontre Moore, OLB/DE, Texas A&M

Mike Pettine will be focused on adding versatility to his defense and Moore fits the bill. Moore spent 2011 on his feet and 2012 with his hand in the dirt. He may be best suited to stand up and Pettine will love the ability to play Moore opposite Mario Williams in a 40 front and standing up rushing the QB in a 30 front.

9. New York Jets – Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia

The Jets defense was the least of their 2012 worries. The lack of pass rush was a problem for a defense that is predicated on pressuring the QB. The have some major offensive needs that will have to be addressed in later rounds. A report that Jones’ spinal stenosis shouldn’t affect his playing career makes me feel comfortable to say that his ceiling is No. 2 and the floor being 17.

10. Tennessee Titans – Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama

The interior offensive line of Tennessee was a major weak spot in 2012. The Titans need Chris Johnson to be the Chris Johnson of old. It starts in the middle of their OL. Johnson will be as good as his line is. Warmack gives the Titans a dominate guard prospect that could be an immediate impact interior lineman.

11. San Diego Chargers – Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma

As good as Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher are, neither may carry the upside that Johnson does long-term. That’s saying a lot as both Joeckel and Fisher are carrying top 5 grades on my board. Johnson is three season removed from playing QB at the JUCO level and will be a first round tackle. That’s incredible to wrap your mind around. He will have to learn to anchor against power but he’s as good athletically as they come. Reminds me a lot of Nate Solder and that’s worked out pretty well for New England.

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Author: Brad

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  • Bex_R1986

    Five rounds, your spoiling us! =)

    If we come away with Rhodes and Eiffert in the opening two rounds I’ll be pleased with that. Two late first round graders (for me), one at a slight reach and one at a slight steal, I’ll take that balancing out.

    I think I preferred getting Goodman rather than Simon from the last mock, Simon was a better college player, I’m just perhaps unwisely sold on Goodman’s upside. Either way, they are very closely ranked for me (102 for MG and 107 for JS).

    I’d rather go with B.W. Webb than Commings. If Commings ends up suiting safety better at the next level, we’ll already have Barron and Jefferson. We passed on the small school prospect Josh Norman in the last draft though, so I don’t know if that makes Webb less likely also.

    Regardless, if the draft plays out this way, we’re going to have one of the youngest secondaries in the laegue! With Rhodes, Jefferson & Commings joining with Barron, Leonard Johnson and Keith Tandy. It may be wise to add another veteran free agent signing to the group.

    In most mocks we end up with a handy WR addition. It’s been Austin, Bailey, now Sanders. Personally I’ll take any of them! As long as we add at least one. I like waiting and grabbing Sanders though, addressing bigger needs early.

    • bradc11

      I just couldn’t let Simon go any further down the board. I will be rooting for him in the NFL. Not just because I’m a Buckeye homer but because he’s an outstanding person and leader. I think he’ll be a first guy in, last guy out type that finds success in the NFL despite not being ideal size. I liked Goodman there as well but the receivers are deep and thought Simon was a great value.

      I’m a huge fan of Commings. I think he’s got a shot to stick at corner in the league. Movement skills are pretty good for his size. He is more of what they are looking for. Webb isn’t physical enough to fit their system.

      With Rhodes, Commings, and Johnson you have three nice sized, physical corners. Add Tandy in the mix and you are young and pretty deep. Barron with Jefferson is intriguing. I’m not real high on Jefferson but he’s a great value there and if he can clean up his open field tackling he’s got loads of upside.

      Ace Sanders is one of the more intriguing prospects in the draft. Definite value as a returner and could make an impact in the slot. I loved his game in college, we’ll see if he can cut it in the NFL at that size…he’s tiny.

      • Bex_R1986

        I certainly do still really like John Simon. I’ve heard of his work ethic, effort and character. Urban consistantly singled him out for praise. Any locker room would benefit from his presence, so the Bucs would be glad to have him. I may have a slight edge toward Goodman but both would be a fine addition.

        Yes, I hadn’t really considered the scheme fit for Webb in that comment, was just looking at rankings on that occasion, my bad. I still also like Commings, it was mainly the point on his potential move to safety and that not being a need after Jefferson is selected. Of course, that just means that it comes down to how you project a player in the NFL and so if your correct that he will excel as a CB then the choice is a good one! As with everything draft-related, we can never be sure beforehand.

        • bradc11

          It’s all a crapshoot. I think the marriage of scheme fit, value, versatility are three of the most important characteristics when doing a mock draft. I try to follow those principles to determine my picks. Not that I’m beating my own drum but it’s frustrating to see mock drafts with no real thought going into them. This 5-rounder took me the better part of 2 days to complete because I’m looking largely at those 3 characteristics when making a selection. Teams aren’t going to draft square pegs to fit round holes. Sorry for my tangent.

          I figured it was an oversight because I know how detailed you are on your thoughts and rankings of players. Commings is a great fit and versatile guy that at the very least you build depth at two positions by taking. Win-win in my book.

          • Bex_R1986

            Well I try my best, but this was only my 2nd season of watching college football (lack of coverage available previously here in the UK, just got the pros of the NFL). It’s quite evident the thought that clearly goes into each mock and pick, makes for a superior read!

            On another note, I heard a surprising rumour about Jordan Reed getting some consideration for the 1st round by one or more teams. Don’t know how true that is, but I’m sticking with a late 2nd – early 3rd grade. Interesting if true however…

  • neighborhooddrunkpart2

    Love every pick but the first pick. Why Mingo Brad? He’s so overrated, try to go around blockers too much, gets washed out of running plays too much, relies too much on his athleticism and need to gain some weight. I glad you’ve extended your mock draft to five rounds though. Good job.

    • bradc11

      I could argue that he’s underrated. Tough to find athletes like this fall to the 17th pick. I will give you that he could stand to play with more physicality but I think there’s times he should have ran around blocks and didn’t. He could have and should have run right around D.J. Fluker and instead tried bull rushing him. He will learn to play to his strengths with good coaching. I have to wonder about John Chavis with as many players on that defense that underproduced. I think he’s a great fit for the Steelers and could develop into a stud pass rusher to play opposite of Woodley.

      The mock was brutal to put together and I know why I don’t do more than 4 rounds. I will break out a 7-rounder once in late March. Always good hearing your Pittsburgh insight.

      • neighborhooddrunkpart2

        Thanks. Yeah, Mingo Strength, Weight, Technique scares me(not in a good way). Hope I’m wrong about him.

  • Reggie

    Lions make out like bandits huh? I would love if Jouchel fell to them. Other Lions fans might say no you have to take defense but I wouldn’t be one of them. Jouchel is a stud. Wheaton would be a nice complement to Johnson. I am glad you switched from Williams. Carredine could be a steal…I wonder how his healing process is going. Tharold Simon isn’t bad in Round 5 but Mike Gilissee might interest me more. Solid mock Brad. Love the 5 Rounds. Whats your opinion on Simon?

    • bradc11

      I think it’s a great mock from the Lions standpoint. I thought about Gillislee to the Lions but he’s a bit of a duplicate in Leshoure. Carradine is a giant steal if he makes it down there. I somehow doubt he will. You and I have talked before (I think it was you) that I feel Carradine may be the best pure pass rusher of the FSU trio. That’s high praise considering Werner is a top pick. I just think his ceiling is so high and once healed he will be an impact player. I haven’t heard anything on the healing process but the timing of it was terrible.

      Outside of my Buckeye homerism, I really like Simon. He’s an outstanding leader with freakish strength. Unfortunately his lack of a position will hurt him. I think he can play LE in the 4-3. Doesn’t have the hips to play LB…won’t be able to cover. Could be used as a standup LB. Motor is off the charts and has enough speed to make an impact as a rusher. If he goes somewhere with an innovative DC, he could excel…he was best when Urban moved him around the DL and stood him up on passing downs. I think he winds up being a steal in that 3-4 rd. range.

      • Reggie

        No Tharold Simon. I was so confused reading this I was like ummmm oh I didnt specify. Tharold Simon CB from LSU.

        • bradc11

          Sorry stuck on John Simon. I was surprised Simon came out but he’s got upside. Looked terrible against Clemson but played pretty well for most of the year. Young but experienced corner with nice size. I could see him developing into a starter down the road. Nice fit with their system as well.

  • I’ll be seriously sad if the Jaguars pass on Tyler Wilson for Dallas Thomas. And also I will break things.

    • bradc11

      It was a tough call but I’ve had them going QB atop round 2 in every mock draft. If they are married to Gabbert/Henne this season, I think they could wait on a Matt Scott to develop in case that marriage doesn’t work out. Thomas’ ability to play right tackle or kick inside would help out this OL. Cam Bradfield graded out as one of the worst pass protectors in the league and Guy Whimper isn’t the answer. Thomas could step in immediately and start at RT. Gives you two solid bookends in Monroe and Thomas to protect whoever the QB is.

    • Reggie

      Dallas Thomas is a solid OL talent. He could fill in at RT or either OG spot. Jaguars under Bradley will still favor a smash mouth run game. Tyler Wilson is far from perfect and Bradley might prefer to wait until next season to get better QB talent….still think if Geno Smith isnt taken #1 then the Jaguars could take him.