2013 NFL Mock Draft: 4 Rounds of Post Super Bowl Mock Draft Fun

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"Geno Smith"

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Let me start this off by saying that I think there’s 0% chance that only one QB goes in the first round. That said, I think teams will be looking to either trade back into the first round or take their chances and wait it out. Without mocking trades, there’s only one QB in the first round of this draft…won’t happen come April. It’s my belief that Matt Barkley will be the second QB off the board and it will come via some sort of trade. Enough QB talk, here’s our first 4-Round 2013 NFL Mock Draft. Enjoy and feel free to rip it apart. Also like our facebook page to get entered into our $500 Dick’s gift card giveaway and follow me on Twitter.

1. Kansas City Chiefs – Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

I can’t wait for free agency to begin so we can finally put to rest all the nonsense about the first pick. Will the Chiefs re-sign Brandon Albert? Will they pick up a veteran via trade or free agency? No one knows, so there’s no sense in speculating. Until something happens to that end, I’ll be going with Geno Smith to the Chiefs.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida St.

This pick could go any of two ways in my mind. Both of them are on the defensive line. Rumors began swirling this week that Jacksonville was honing in on a pass rusher in the draft. I tend to buy into that one as Gus Bradley will be looking to apply loads of pressure on opposing QB’s.

3. Oakland Raiders – Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah                                                                      

Last week I had the Raiders moving Jared Veldheer to the right side. I’m fine with that idea until I realized the massive holes on defense. The Raiders roster from top to bottom just isn’t very good and there isn’t many spots on defense that don’t need addressed.

Lotulelei gives the Raiders the ability to play multiple fronts which is the current fad in the NFL. He’s a big body with unreal movement skills for his size. This pick has to come down to Lotulelei vs. Sheldon Richardson. I have been a fan of Richardson at this spot but I can see many organizations favoring Lotulelei.

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M

The Eagles pick would be real interesting if Lotulelei slid down to them with Joeckel still on the board. Joeckel may be the top player in the draft but Lotulelei fills the bigger need. The thought of Joeckel sliding past the fourth pick is mind boggling and would put Detroit in a position that they would have to take back to back first round tackles or trade the pick. Win-win for them.

In this scenario, the pick is an easy one with Lotulelei going at No. 3. Joeckel gives the Eagles some much needed help on the offensive line which should be a priority after last season’s rash of injuries. Jason Peters and Joeckel could give Chip Kelly a hell of a tackle tandem to start his NFL career.

5. Detroit Lions – Damontre Moore, DE, Texas A&M

The infamous ‘wide nine’ defense is alive and well in Detroit. While it gets a lot of attention, the wide nine defense only really affects one player. It moves the defensive end from outside the tackle to outside the tight end in a base four man front. The goal is to get the end in optimum rush position on pass downs. Really much ado about nothing as it’s more schematic than base defense.

I have been on record about my concerns with Moore in a four man alignment as I believe he’s best suited standing up in a 30 front. Moore could find a home in Detroit in this scheme and could be the answer to their woes at the position as Cliff Avril will likely find a new home.

6. Cleveland Browns – Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama

Jabaal Sheard will audition at open side end in Horton’s 3-4 base defense. The big question for the Browns will be the health of Chris Gocong, who appears perfectly suited to play the SAM spot on this defense. The Browns could use this pick on an OLB that gives them more than Gocong but with needs in the secondary, I don’t see it as a necessity.

With Sheldon Brown most likely done, this pick should be a no-brainer if Milliner is on the board. Milliner gives the Browns a physical presence on the outside that is an excellent fit opposite Joe Haden.

7. Arizona Cardinals – Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

The top seven remain intact from last week, that’s a first this early in the draft process. Fisher is a rare specimen as he brings loads of athleticism to the position. If he can keep weight on his frame, this guy has a shot at being a very good one in the league. Nate Potter and Bobbie Massie filled in admirably and could be the answers long-term at RT but passing on a franchise type LT is not wise for this organization.

8. Buffalo Bills – Ezekiel Ansah, DE, BYU

"Ezekiel Ansah"


As I’ve said time in and time out, I’m lost on the Bills pick. They will have to consider a QB at this spot or look to be aggressive in jumping up and getting a guy they like later in the first round. Sitting back and waiting until pick 42 may be too big of a risk.

If the Bills opt to stay away from a QB at No. 8 they will have to give serious consideration to Ansah. Ansah may be the most polarizing pick in the draft. Mike Pettine loves versatile players to play in his multiple fronts. Ansah brings versatility in spades. While many consider him to be raw, he’s an NFL ready run defender that has loads of upside as an athlete. He gives Pettine the ability to get real creative with him and Mario Williams off the edge.

9. New York Jets – Barkevious Mingo, OLB, LSU

I think Barkley is the next QB off the board but I can’t see it being to the Jets. The Jets aren’t in a position to gamble on Barkley at No. 9 after flopping with Sanchez in a trade up to No. 6 in 2009. The Jets are best to bring in a veteran to compete with Sanchez and draft someone in the 2nd or 3rd round for the future.

Mingo gives the Jets and Rex Ryan a much needed pass rusher. The pass defense was solid in 2012 given the lack of Darrelle Revis and little in the way of a pass rush. Mingo gives them elite upside and could wind up a steal at No. 9.

10. Tennessee Titans – Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri

This is a tough one with Chance Warmack on the board and the Titans need for interior linemen. That said, passing on a disruptive 3T like Richardson is foolish if he makes it down to No. 10. Richardson is a Warren Sapp-esque playmaker with limited experience. After Richardson blows the top off of Indianapolis, it will be tough to ignore him as a real possibility as a top 5 pick.

11. San Diego Chargers – Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma

As good as Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher are, neither may carry the upside that Johnson does long-term. That’s saying a lot as both Joeckel and Fisher are carrying top 5 grades on my board. Johnson is three season removed from playing QB at the JUCO level and will be a first round tackle. That’s incredible to wrap your mind around. He will have to learn to anchor against power but he’s as good athletically as they come. Reminds me a lot of Nate Solder and that’s worked out pretty well for New England.

12. Miami Dolphins – Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

The Dolphins receivers combined for three touchdowns this season. That’s right, three. Patterson brings elite size and athleticism to the position. A couple of weeks ago, I took to the film to show you why he may be the top receiver in the draft. I don’t think I’m alone on that assessment.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State

Some of my avid emailers exposed the truths behind my flawed logic. At this point in the draft season, I put aside my rankings for the sake of mock drafts. Prior to the Senior Bowl, I’m exploring ideas based on my personal thoughts on prospects.

I have Rhodes as a borderline first round pick but that’s my personal preference. He is widely considered a top twenty talent. As I have yet to finish my film study on Rhodes, I can’t honestly say he’s not worthy of this pick. There’s no doubts that he fits Tampa’s scheme very well and has the upside to be a very good man cover corner in the league.

14. Carolina Panthers – Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida

Ron and Dwan Edwards make up the completely inept Edwards Wall in Carolina. With any luck neither will be back next season.

News starting filtering out of the Senior Bowl that Floyd was being talked about as a fast riser and top ten pick. I don’t doubt that one bit. He’s explosive and versatile. Recipe for success in today’s NFL. His speed, burst, and ability to turn speed to power will have teams salivating after him. He’s a great fit in Carolina as they could use someone to pressure from the inside and disrupt the backfield.

15. New Orleans Saints – Dion Jordan, OLB, Oregon

Junior Galette and Martez Wilson may be very solid 3-4 ‘backers. I’m not going to argue that fact but passing on a talent like Jordan at this point is foolish even if you think Galette and Wilson are pretty good. There may not be a more physically impressive specimen in the draft in terms of a rush linebacker. Jordan brings freakish size and athleticism with the ability to be an effective player in coverage…something that Galette and Wilson are not.

16. St. Louis Rams – Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama

This could be a pick that takes all of a minute to turn in. If Warmack falls into the laps of the Rams, I can’t see how or why there would be any other consideration. Warmack is a stud and gives you an immediate presence in the middle of your line. He could go as high as No. 6 to Cleveland and this is the floor.

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Author: Brad

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  • Bex_R1986

    No need to discuss the Bucs, 1st round pick, we’ve done that enough! In the 2nd, and given the way your mock plays out to that point, I personally would sooner take Eiffert or Banks than take Williams. Firstly I have both ranked higher. Second, TE is rumoured to be an early target, and other rumours from the Senior Bowl were that many Bucs coaches love Banks (though no mention if that includes the men that matter in Dominek and Schiano).

    Bailey and Goodman would be very good pick ups in the 3rd and 4th rounds. We could use a different kind of WR to Williams and Jackson; he could fit the bill. Goodman is someone who has the potential to be devastating, but hasn’t matched it yet with production. Could wind up a steal. If Bennett goes, this will also fit a need.

    A few steals in this mock by my reckoning. I have ILB Ogletree as No. 10 overall, though I can understand the drop with the off field concerns. Larry Warford and Philip Thomas are also bargains at their spots.

    Excellent mock once again, always a great read!

    • bradc11

      Had to put my personal feelings aside and go with what I’m hearing on Rhodes. I had Eifert there but changed it to Williams at the last minute. The depth at TE is very solid this year and Williams has first round ability at a position that carries more positional value. Bailey is a steal if he lasts that long. I have a borderline first round grade on him, so obviously I think very highly of him.

      You are higher on Ogletree than I am. I have a late first round grade and that’s where he falls. Love his athleticism but needs to be able to take on blocks at the next level. Gets away with it in college because of his speed and burst but that won’t be the case in the NFL.

      I agree on Warford. Absolute steal. Another guy I have a borderline 1st round grade on that may be a steal. I like Thomas but don’t love his overall game. I didn’t love the physicality he plays with. For that reason I could see him falling into that 2-3 range.

      • Bex_R1986

        Interesting point on Ogletree. I have another Georgia game scheduled to watch soon, so I’ll focus on your points and consider whether it warrants lowering him a little.

        • bradc11

          Really struggles to shed. I would say watch a particular tape but it’s pretty much every game.

          • bauercody

            I’ve notcied he also tackles very high

  • Reggie

    The Lions draft would be very fortunate. Damontre Moore would be a nice addition to the Lions. They have already released Kyle Vanden Bosch so DE is a big need. Terrance Williams would be a nice player to have but you have sold me on Markus Wheeton…so why not him over Williams? Either way a #2 WR is needed since Broyles is injury prone and we have no depth. Larry Warford in Round 3 is sick. Peterman has already been released and their is no replacement on this team. Some think Fox will move inside but that is nothing more than speculation. GREAT MOCK AND LIONS SUPER BOWL 2014.

    • bradc11

      If it were me drafting, I take Wheaton over Williams every day and twice on Thursday. I have a mid-first round grade on Wheaton and loves his game. Warford is a monster steal in the 3rd. I can’t envision him lasting that long but that’s how the board fell. This would be a very solid start for the Lions.

      • Reggie

        So with Williams you went with a consensus on him other than personal feelings. I can understand that.

        • bradc11

          Solely based on consensus. Right now is the time that I start to transition from my rankings on slotting players to more of a consensus approach.

  • Green Fever

    I would hope the Jets would pick Dion Jordan over Mingo. I would also like Mike Glennon or Chance Warmack as the pick.

    • bradc11

      Mike Glennon is going to get a long look in this range. Someone is likely to fall in love with his physical tools and take him fairly high. Mingo and Jordan are neck and neck for me but I think someone will take Mingo really high in this draft. I know teams in the top 5 value both these players very highly. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these guys is at the top of some teams draft board. That kind of physical talent.

  • brownlead

    BROWNS: If Gocong was perfectly suited to play SAM, he would have played there years ago when Mangini used the 3-4 and started over guys like Fujita, Matt Roth and David Bowens. He played LILB then and was fairly solid.

    • bradc11

      From a skills standpoint, Gocong fits SAM better than inside. He has said he’s more comfortable there after playing in college. Roth, Bowens, and Fujita played fairly well. From a skill set standpoint, I’d like to see him play on the strongside and see what he can do opposite Sheard. Sheard was a guy coming out of college that I was intrigues as a standup LB. I’ll get my shot to see if he can make the transition. Also, there’s going to be plenty of options in free agency…Paul Kruger, Anthony Spencer, Shaun Phillips, etc could hit the market.

  • dru_down

    Given that three rookie QBs made the playoffs, the notion that Matt Barkley will not be in the top 10 is laughable.

    • Matt

      Pretty much everyone has him as the 3rd or 4th best QB in the class, so you should be extremely surprised if he goes in the top 10

      • dru_down

        We’ll see.

        • Reggie

          He just doesnt stand out anywhere. I agree top 15 possibility. Christian Ponder went close to the top 10 so Barkley could go there. Its just he lacks elite physical tools, regressed a lot this season, and the stigma of USC QB’s all might hold him back

    • bradc11

      I’m not going to disagree with you on that one. I have him as my 2nd rated QB and he could very well go in the top 10. The problem is that I don’t see him a fit in Arian’s system. Buffalo doesn’t seem like a great fit for his skills and the Jets, I really don’t think they will go that route. Outside of those teams you don’t have anyone unless Oakland surprises everyone and goes with a QB. I believe he’s a first round talent but I think it will be with someone trading back or back into the first.

      • dru_down

        Someone will trade up for him (a la Washington and RGIII). Wait and see him taken in the top 10…even top 5.

  • GoHawks!

    I believe the Seahawks gets the 99th pick in the 4th Round from the Raiders.

    • bradc11

      The pick is conditional on Curry’s playing time. At this point, I don’t know if its the 4th or 5th round pick. I will research it to see if he met the conditions for the 4th.

  • neighborhooddrunkpart2

    Tyler Eifert! really brad? ugh, give me a real TE like Travis Kelce,Gavin Escobar or Dion Sims. Oh yeah, give me a Deandre Hopkins or Quinton Patton over J.Jones.

    • bradc11

      I like Kelce and Escobar but Dion Sims over Eifert. I have Escobar close to a grade with Eifert and Kelce not far behind but Sims??? News broke yesterday from a Cedar Sinai spine specialist that basically said not to be worried about the stenosis as it doesn’t increase risk of further injury and more than you and I. Jones won’t make it down to you, if true, so you may be drafting the likes of Hopkins or Patton. Minter is looking like a solid target at this point.

      • neighborhooddrunkpart2

        True, but if I can get Bostic in the forth the no need for draft minter in the first. Yea, Hopkins or Patton would look good in Black & Gold. You don’t think that Sims isn’t a good as Eifert?

        • bradc11

          I don’t think Sims is close to Eifert in terms of talent. Sims has the physical tools minus long speed but it doesn’t translate to the field as often as it should. Can’t figure out why people are down on Eifert. Still remains a legit 1st round prospect.

          • neighborhooddrunkpart2

            Do you think the Browns can win 8 games this year?

          • bradc11

            I would take the under but I’m hopeful.

          • neighborhooddrunkpart2

            Whats your thoughts on the Browns 2012 Draft?

          • bradc11

            Looks like a very solid draft especially when you consider Gordon in the supplemental. Building blocks at WR, RB, RT, DT/DE. Verdict out on Weeden but if he can take a step forward you have to think that it’s a really great draft.

          • Reggie

            As a lifetime MSU fan I can tell you that Sims is no where near Eiffert. Sims is slow (285 pounds), his blocking is over rated, injury prone, and questionable charecter. Was kicked off the team for being part of a lab top theft from schools. Was brought back but you add all those up and it screams to me backup TE who can be used as a red zone specialist. He creates no seperation. He does have soft hands and good body control. Round 5 prospect to me.

          • bradc11

            Reggie knows best on this one. I agree on all points and I think you and I have talked about Sims as an NFL prospect.

  • Braeden

    I’d rather see the pats go CB (ryan specifically based on your mock) than any WR, although if we were to go wideout I like williams as my top WR and better than allen for sure.

    • bradc11

      I won’t argue value of WR’s although Williams wouldn’t be my choice. I did give serious consideration to Ryan at this spot. He really fits what they are looking for.

  • Shawn

    Arthur Brown for the Vikings over guys like Te’o, Ogletree, and Minter? Very unlikely!

    • bradc11

      Not seen much film on Brown?

  • Reggie

    Seeing the mock go this way I have a couple players I would like your thoughts on: Andre Ellington, Sean Porter,and Devin Taylor. Those are who I could see the Lions targeting as well as any safeties left over.

    • bradc11

      Three very polarizing players. Some think Ellington is a second rounder. He’s a 4-5 in my book. He was more physical this season but still doesn’t scream everydown back for me. Porter is a guy that I don’t have a great feel for and need to do more homework on. Taylor is a high upside guy that you have to wonder how much he loves the game. Fell off the map after a remarkable sophomore season. Seems that as guys started getting all the attention he was ok with playing second fiddle. I would wonder about his want-to. Talent is there but needs technique refinement. Plays high.

  • John Steppling

    great mock……only a couple thoughts. I cant see Brandon Jenkins getting out of the second. He is a big time talent. I also cant believe warford wont be high second round. And then bennie logan……this guy is an enigma to me a bit…..your thoughts if he can maybe rise higher?

    • bradc11

      Concerns with Jenkins injury and will have to make the transition to play OLB. I’d like to see how well he looks on his feet before I increase his grade. He’s one I’ll be watching intently at the Combine. 100% agree on Warford. He’s a monster and I can’t see him falling that far but that’s the way the board fell. Logan is capable of rising higher but haven’t seen the production (I know it’s an LSU guy w/o production). He’s athletic and has the physical upside but just don’t get anything from him on tape. He’s a 3-4 round grade for me at this point.

  • John Steppling

    also…corey lemonier is the steal of all time if he drops all the way to the fourth round.

    • bradc11

      Lemonier is an enigma for me. Games he looks outstanding (1st rounder) and games that I don’t notice him. He will be another 34 OLB transition that I need to see on his feet before I jump over the moon for him. Right now, he’s a little average for me.

  • Why does everyone insist on giving the Saints Dion Jordan? They’re going to be trying to improve the defense not make it worse by drafting a bust. They’re also changing to a 34 defense yet they draft a WR instead of a NT? If your going to give them an ofensive player in the 1st 4 rds. it should be an OT.

  • cory

    Probably the best mock i’ve seen IMO because it’s definetly the most similar to my own. Only a few notable problems being Geno Smith being first overall which I do not believe hes even close to worthy of that spot, and I think Ogletree should be in the 8-21 range and Vacarro should both be in the 5-16 range. Both I agree on a ton of choices on here, the guy knows what he’s talking about.

    • cory

      But* not both

      • bradc11

        I do, don’t I? Seriously thanks for the feedback. I agree on Vaccaro. I like him in the 10-20 range and think he’s a really solid value at 21. Ogletree, I don’t love as much as some others. Doesn’t play physical enough for my liking at the position. Relies on unbelievable athleticism which won’t cut it at the next level. Geno is up for debate. He’s my 13th ranked prospect…higher than many have him…but I don’t love him as the first overall pick. That said, in my eyes if you don’t have a QB, you have to aggressively go after one. Until the Chiefs pick up someone via trade or free agency you will see me mocking my top rated QB at the spot. I agree he’s not worthy of that spot but positional value is through the roof at that position.

  • Reggie


    I think Damontre Moore will be one to watch at the Combine. I am starting to think his athleticism is a little over rated. If that is the case I am unsure of him at 5. I do not like the feeling I get from Dion Jordan either. I know we have butted heads but unless Jouchel falls or Werner I think Ezekial Ansah, Eric Fischer, or Dee Millner might be gaining consideration. It all depends on if the Lions resign Houston or Avril. They will not be able to do both. Fischer would be a great fit on this team…more so than Warmack. We just do not run the ball enough to consider him. Sounds like we might go after free agent OL talent…such as Levitre maybe? Also if he clears medical reports do not count out Jarvis Jones….Xanders might want a similiar blitzing LB as Von Miller and our LB core is vanilla without the promise of toppings.