2013 NFL Mock Draft: The Kansas City needs a QB edition

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1. Kansas City Chiefs – Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

The Chiefs have said they will take the best player regardless of position. Geno Smith isn’t the top player in the draft but until they sign/trade for a veteran QB he will be my selection. There’s no sense in drafting Luke Joeckel here to have him block for Brady Quinn or Matt Cassel.

If the Chiefs can’t lock up (at least) a Matt Flynn or Alex Smith type, Smith should be the pick with them re-signing Brandon Albert. We should have a pretty good idea of what they are thinking with how they handle Albert’s contract situation. If Albert is re-signed, it will be at LT money. In that scenario I can’t see them going with Joeckel. To me this pick is Smith or Joeckel and we’ll know in March which way Andy Reid and Co. are leaning.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida State

"Bjoern Werner"

Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE


My one week hiatus from Bjoern Werner to the Jags is officially over. I could barely live with the fact that I mocked someone other than Werner to the Jags. Jason Babin isn’t likely to be back as they look to find a young, stud pass rusher for their new HC…Greg Roman.

Before updating my top 150 2013 NFL Draft prospect rankings (due out tomorrow), I went back to watch some Werner tape, as he’s my third rated prospect. I feel more comfortable now than ever. I don’t think Werner gets the credit he deserves for his athleticism. The guy is just scratching the surface of his ability, which is scary. A sure sign that you should turn the page on a Werner scouting report is that it starts with high motor, energy player with limited athleticism. I have read several with words similar to those in them…turn the page and never go back.

Let me say this real quick. Micheal Profetta was spot on in his mock draft about teams trading into the two hole for Joeckel. That’s a real possibility. I would be surprised if someone didn’t try if Joeckel escapes No. 1.

3. Oakland Raiders – Damontre Moore, DE, Texas A&M                                                 

I love Sheldon Richardson, more than most. He has consistently held this pick for a couple of months. I’m changing course a bit. Not because I think less of Richardson but because I think the best move for the Raiders and their pass rush is to move Lamarr Houston inside and find a true edge rusher.

Moore is as good as they come. He is a relentless pass rusher that plays the run better than you would expect from someone that is shy of 260. The Raiders will turn the page Richard Seymour and Tommy Kelly and look to go younger and more athletic up front.

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M

The Eagles made the splash hiring with the shocking hire of Chip Kelly. Kelly will mold his system to fit the players on the roster and taking the top overall player in the draft is a good start.

The Eagles need to focus on strengthening their offensive line. With Jason Peters back next year, the Joeckel selection allows them to move Todd Heremans inside and gives them a strong offensive line. This is the best option given Nick Foles lack of escapability and a promising running game.

As I said above, Luke Joeckel could be the apple of many GM’s eye. If there’s a trade to the top of the draft, it will be for Joeckel. At this point, I think it’s unlikely that Joeckel makes it to the Eagles. I may be in the minority but I have a higher grade on Joeckel than Matt Kalil, who was excellent as a rookie and looks to be a future All Pro LT.

5. Detroit Lions – Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama

I’m absolutely torn on this pick. My friend Jeff Risdon pointed out on Detroitlionsdraft.com that the Lions need at CB may be overstated. I agree with Jeff’s take in the article. That said, the top two DE’s are off the board and Milliner is in his sweet spot at No. 5.

Milliner is a physical corner that can play in any scheme. His ability to play press technique in man or zone and off in either will make him a hot commodity in April. I see this CB class as fairly average with Milliner being the closest thing to a sure thing.

6. Cleveland Browns – Barkevious Mingo, DE/OLB, LSU

Milliner doesn’t slide to the Browns so they look to a pass rusher for their new 3-4 scheme. The Browns have their coordinators lined up but are waiting for who knows what to announce the new coaching staff. John Pagano will join Norv Turner in Cleveland to form the base of Chud’s staff. Pagano brings the 3-4 to a team that has the personnel to make an immediate change.

Mingo’s lack of production is mind boggling for someone of his skill level. That said, Aldon Smith racked up a whopping total of 48 tackles and 6 sacks in his final season at Missouri. The two compare athletically but Mingo will have to develop into more football player, less athlete if he wants to produce anywhere near Smith’s NFL level.

7. Arizona Cardinals – Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama

Kevin Kolb has to restructure his ridiculous deal or the Cards will be taking a QB in this spot. The Cards would be wise to sign Brian Hoyer as a backup and turn the reigns over to Kolb during training camp. A full offseason as a No. 1 may be good for his development. Even if this is the case, they have to find a QB in rounds two or three to compete for the backup job.

I have watch a ton of Warmack over the course of the last several days. I’m blown away with this guys ability. I’m not positive he isn’t the best player in this draft. As much as I like Luke Joeckel, this guy is a stud. I would be absolutely shocked if Warmack wasn’t an immediate Pro Bowler at guard.

8. Buffalo Bills – Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia

Mike Pettine is likely to bring a hybrid three man and four man front to Buffalo. Jones versatility to play in either scheme brings some intrigue to this pick. QB will be a hot topic this offseason but I can’t see them spending the eighth pick on Wilson or Nassib or Glennon and definitely not Barkley.

Jones spinal stenosis will be one of the most monitored topics of the pre-draft process. This pick is assuming everything checks out medically. The issue with Jones’ neck is how much longevity will it allow him in the NFL. That I can’t answer but he’s a solid player.

9. New York Jets – Dion Jordan, DE/OLB, Oregon

The Jets are a mess. They can’t give away the GM job and are going to struggle to get under the cap. Mike Tannenbaum left them in disarray in their win now mentality. Pick a position on offense and the likelihood is that they need it. The defense is in need of some pass rush.

Jordan brings one of the most unique skill sets to this draft. He’s a freak athlete that played with his hand up a lot this season. He won’t be working out as he’s hampered by shoulder surgery but you know what you are going to get with this guy.

10. Tennessee Titans – Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah

The Titans have some depth at DT but no one to plug the middle. I think the Titans should address the lines on both sides of the ball. If a guy like Chance Warmack slid down to them, they would be wise to snatch him up.

Lotulelei brings the ability to penetrate gaps to blow up the run game, hold at the point, and move the pocket. While, I haven’t bought into him as a top five player in the draft he’s a solid value with the tenth pick.

"Eric Fisher"


11. San Diego Chargers – Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

The Chargers offensive line is atrocious. That’s putting it nicely. I think the Chargers need to find at least two starters on the OL if they want to be competitive in the near future. Phillip Rivers has played poorly but needs some help from his OL and running game. Fisher has been compared to former Chippewa Joe Staley but I believe he’s more ready to play than Staley was coming out of college.

Mike McCoy came from the luxury of Ryan Clady locking down the blindside and looks to find his blindside protector early in the draft.

12. Miami Dolphins – Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

The Dolphins have some work to do this offseason. First and foremost is deciding on the future of Jake Long. Losing a LT, no matter how poorly he played this year, is not something that would make this franchise better. I’m not sure what I would pay Long, but I wouldn’t let him leave Miami without make a solid offer.

If Long bolts they could look for a LT or move Jon Martin over to the left side. Either way, finding a receiver early in the draft will be a priority. The Dolphins receivers combined for three touchdowns this season. That’s right, three. Patterson brings elite size and athleticism to the position. A couple of weeks ago, I took to the film to show you why he may be the top receiver in the draft. I don’t think I’m alone on that assessment..

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State

To say the Bucs need a corner would be the grossest understatement of the century. They traded away Aqib Talib to the Pats and found out why the Browns and Lions let Eric Wright walk. E.J. Biggers is a free agent and Wright should be cut after signing a big deal last offseason. Yeah, it’s bad in Tampa.

Tampa likes bigger, press corners. That would fit the bill of Rhodes, not Banks. Banks is big but isn’t physical. Rhodes fits Tampa’s scheme to a tee despite not warranting this high of a pick.

14. Carolina Panthers – Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri

Ron and Dwan Edwards make up the completely inept Edwards Wall in Carolina. With any luck neither will be back next season.

The coup of the draft is Richardson sliding down to the 14th spot. I can’t see this happening but I may be crazy in my assessment of Richardson. He’s a Warren Sapp type impact three technique with unreal athleticism. If he makes it down to Carolina they should sprint to the podium to turn this card in.

15. New Orleans Saints – Kenny Vaccaro, SS, Texas

The Saints lack of pass rush was evident this season. The Saints may be looking to transition to more three man fronts this season, using Martez Wilson at OLB. Ezekiel Ansah may be a fit but I think they look for an upgrade in the defensive backfield.

Roman Harper probably won’t be back, making Vaccaro a viable option for this squad. They play in a division with Matt Ryan and Cam Newton.

16. St. Louis Rams – Keenan Allen, WR, Cal

With Eric Fisher and Chance Warmack off the board, the Rams could look to pull the trigger on Lane Johnson or Jonathan Cooper but elect to find a stud receiver to go with some young emerging talent. I don’t see enough of a gap between the next five or six OL to risk losing out on Keenan Allen.

With Brandon Gibson, Danny Amendola, and Steve Smith heading towards free agency the Rams need to reload at the position. Allen was stuck with some miserable QB play at Cal and could be a solid value at 16.

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Author: Brad

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  • Bex_R1986

    Just a few minor thoughts on the Bucs picks, very happy with them. A couple things come to mind though.

    Round 1: Rhodes is a must pick in this scenario. I like Banks, but as you say, he’s not ideal scheme wise. The only slight difference I have is not on the pick itself, but that I think he’s reasonable value at this point. Anywhere from 15-20 is my solid value range, good value in the 20’s, so 13 is a minimal reach.

    The one thing for sure is that I don’t think we are candidates to do much trading in the early stages of this years draft. Last year saw a small trade back in the 1st followed by two aggressive trades up for Martin and David. Trading back in the first and losing out on Rhodes would be a huge error, and as I say, Banks wouldn’t quite soften the blow enough to risk take the chance. The only trade up scenario would be if Milliner surprisingly fell to the 9-12 range.

    I also dont see us trading in Round 2: Firstly the pick. Great value, fits a need, and fits the talk of the GM. I can dream that Ertz instead falls but Eiffert would be an excellent get. The thing I’ve noticed about the Bucs in round two is the variety of players different mocks have us taking week to week. We’ve had a dynamic receiver like Austin, QB in Barkley to push Freeman, a DT was popular a while ago, and even a 2nd CB. The nice thing is I think we’re in position to go best player available here, and see who falls to us, hence the lack of need to trade. Eiffert fits the scenario well, matching need and likely BPA.

    • bradc11

      Rhodes is my 28th rated player in the draft (new top 150 out tomorrow). That said, in the right scheme, I could see him going much earlier, ala TB. He’s so physical and with the success of the Seattle CB’s they are a hot commodity. He gets a little handsy at times and will have to break that habit at the next level to avoid becoming an interference machine.

      Adding Eifert to this offense really helps them as he’s versatile enough to block in-line and you can split him out. You could argue for WR, TE, DT, or another CB in the second and not be wrong in your argument. Eifert fills a need and BPA. Win-win.

  • Reggie

    Why has Khaseem Green and Giovanni Bernard fallen so hard lately?

    • bradc11

      I’m not sure that it’s them falling or just the draft settling in. I think Bernard fits somewhere in the mid 2nd rd. range and Greene is a 2-3. Things are still very fluid as the pre-draft process is just underway. As the settling process continues we’ll have a pretty good idea on a lot of these guys. The one thing that stands out with me is the depth in the 2nd round. As I’ve said before, the sweet spot in this draft is in the depth of rounds 2 and 3. You could make the argument that the top is not very good but the depth is really solid in a lot of areas, RB is definitely one of them.

      • Reggie

        Where do you think the Honey Badger goes? If he had no character flaws where would he go?

        • bradc11

          I think he winds up in the 3rd. I really don’t know how high he could go because I think he’s a nickel corner. I’m not sure he can line up on the outside and cover the Calvin Johnson’s of the world. He’s a hell of a slot corner and capable of making splash plays. Even without character issues, I think he was a 2nd at best.

          • Justin

            I heard he can get pretty high!! Lol! And hes fake! Wouldnt want him on my team if he played for free.. did you see the espn interview with him? Fake tears the whole way.. fake as can be.

          • bradc11

            I tend to agree on this one. I wouldn’t want him. I’ve seen Janoris Jenkins comparisons but they are two completely different corners. Jenkins lines up on the outside and can cover your teams best WR. I don’t see Mathieu as that guy. There will be teams that won’t draft him no matter where he falls…too many character concerns and some people value that.

  • HardcoreBillsfan37

    Bills draft would be alright.

    Although I heard from WGR 550 that the Bills aren’t really that interested in Nassib, that there using the whole Marrone-Nassib connection as a smoke screen. They also said that Nix is really looking at Tyler Wilson and Mike Glennon to fill the need at QB.

    Jarvis Jones probably wont make it past Browns even with his Spinal problems but I wouldn’t mind Buffalo taking a chance on him at 8.

    • bradc11

      I have said all along that I think Glennon is a great fit in Buffalo. Like it or not the weather becomes a factor in November and December. I would rate arm strength as Glennon, Nassib, Wilson. Overall I have it Wilson, Glennon, Nassib. Wilson and Glennon are really close…32 and 38 on my board.

      Jones’ neck is an issue. He also has some holes in his game that I think drop him a little. I have him as my 8th rated prospect. He’s a good fit in Pettine’s defense but he’s not Von Miller.

  • Johnwilson

    I like this draft from the ravens! Hopkins and Aboushi nice!

    • bradc11


      I’m stunned. I really expected Ravens to hate this mock without a defensive player in the first two rounds. I’m a huge fan of Aboushi. I think he’s going to be an immediate starter in the league. Hopkins gives them some Boldin insurance and a future building block to grow with the offense. I biased but I like it too.

  • neighborhooddrunkpart2

    Good draft, love the first pick. As for the second pick, I hated it at first, then I looked back at some videos on Robert Woods. Then I came to the conclusion that I was wrong about Woods and wouldn’t mind the Steelers take him in the second.

  • Justin

    I think if the chiefs were smart they would trade and trade and trade and trade some more, all the way out of the first round. Pick up as many 2nd round picks this year as you can and as many 1st round picks for next years draft as you can, because in my opinion the only player in this draft that i would take in the first round is joeckel, but we really dont need him. And there is alot of very good players this year thats going to be in the 2nd round. And to pick up as many 1st rounders for next year would give them a better shot at getting clowney.. also what is your opinion on the chiefs picking up leveon bell in the 3rd and cooper taylor the ss from richmond in the 4th or 5th? I think both players will be beasts in the nfl, but not getting much love..

    • bradc11

      You never know maybe someone falls in love with Joeckel and secures him by moving into the first spot. If they could trade back and pick up Geno Smith, I would be all for that move. They have to come away from the draft with a starting QB. I don’t know what you are going to get in FA or trade. Mallett is going to cost too much, Alex Smith and Matt Flynn aren’t huge upgrades. The strength of the draft is in the 2nd and 3rd round, it gets pretty bunched up there which is good for teams with multiple picks there. I would be looking at acquiring as many picks in that range as I could.

      I’m not a huge Bell fan and I’m just now getting to Cooper Taylor. Taylor was on the radar early in the season but with limited tape, it’s hard to evaluate him. He’s standing out at E-W Shrine to no one’s surprise. He would fill a need and probably could be had in that 4-5 range. This draft is loaded with depth at RB. I’d look into the 4-5 rd before I thought about taking one…just not that much separation between these guys. I like Christine Michael, Ray Graham, Cierre Wood in the mix in the 3-4-5 round

    • Moron masher

      I think you need to be neutered with an ice pick. Frikken moron. Maybe next year we can go 8-8 pick 17th and miss all the good QBs again. Brilliant!

  • John Steppling

    Joeckel is a stud, but Warmack might end up even better. I know he’s a guard, but the guy is freak….something said too often but its true with warmack. Also…I think matt elam and tony jefferson both might crack round one….such is the need for safties. I like jesse williams upside, but is he really a first round pick? Hankins yes, williams……i dont know. And there are still several good Dlinemen available in round two…….(have you seen much of the kid from small school missouri?)…….and besides, I love Jefferson.