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Ryan Nassib I 6020 I 229 I QB I Senior I Syracuse

"Ryan Nassib"

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40 Time (E): 4.70

All Star Game Appearance: Senior Bowl

Overview: Maybe no one in the country did more for their draft stock than Ryan Nassib this season. Nassib was completely off the radar screen during the preseason, considered by many (including myself) to be a late round developmental prospect. Because of my geographic area, I frequently see Nassib on a week in, week out basis. I have seen him grow from year to year with 2012 being his finest. The maturation process for Nassib suggests he will be a guy that constantly works at his game. He was very raw in 2010 as his accuracy was questionable to say the least. His marked improvement in this area, and most areas, bode well for him as an NFL signal caller. Nassib may be the top overall QB from a physical tools standpoint in this draft. At 6-foot-2, 229 pounds with above average arm strength and surprisingly good athletic tools, he will draw some looks early in the draft. However, there are some concerns with Nassib’s game that need answered before teams think about spending a top twenty pick.

Arm Strength: Nassib is loaded with arm talent. He throws the ball with a ton of velocity and can fit the ball into tight windows. There isn’t a throw on the field that Nassib can’t make. I came away from the 2012 tape very impressed with his ability to change arm angles to throw in traffic without losing velocity on the ball. I came away very unimpressed with his ability to throw the deep ball. For someone with his arm speed, his throws vertically down the field lack accuracy and often fall short of the target. This is a major concern because it’s tough to coach someone to throw the deep ball with accuracy. Nassib can fall too much in love with arm as he’ll try to fit the ball into tight windows instead of checking down to open receivers. Forcing the ball into windows at the next level will cost you a job.

Accuracy: Year to year, Nassib has grown in the accuracy department. As a redshirt sophomore he really struggled with overall accuracy. Fast forward to 2012 when he threw at a 62% clip. Nassib excels with accuracy on short to intermediate throws. His accuracy on deep balls leaves a bit to be desired. I have concerns with his ball placement at times. In a clean pocket with open receivers he too often will throw the ball in areas that cause the receiver to transition. While it’s a catchable ball, he will need to work on putting the ball in optimal spots to allow for YAC.

Throwing Mechanics:  One of the top facets of Nassib’s game in his ability to throw at multiple arm angles.  This is an underrated skill at the next level.  QB’s have to be able to adjust their arm angle or pass rushers will bat a ton of balls down (See: Brandon Weeden).  He possesses a nice, compact throwing motion that allows for a catchable ball.  He is a natural athlete that shows up in his feet during the throwing motion.  He’s a natural knee bender that allows for a balanced setup to throwing the ball.  One of the knocks on Nassib’s mechanics was that he was a ‘pure fastball thrower’ and couldn’t change velocity on the ball. I didn’t see that as an issue this season. I saw multiple occasions where Nassib took some off the ball in the short to intermediate area.

Mobility/Athleticism: Ryan Nassib is a natural athlete, reminiscent of Jake Locker with his larger build and escapability. He’s not someone that is going to take off on you and take it the distance, ala Robert Griffin, but you can’t sleep on his ability to move the pocket and take off. Nassib is a tough, gritty competitor that will have to learn to avoid the big hit in the NFL. He took far too many shots this season and will have to learn to live another play at the next level. I am somewhat concerned with his long strides in the pocket.

Pocket Presence: His tough, gritty competitiveness showed up with his ability to stand in the pocket the extra second to make a throw. He seems to sense pressure and climbs the pocket well. However, I have concerns as he tends to take long strides, inviting unnecessary hits. I like to see short, choppy steps in the pocket as you feel your way through trash.

Intangibles/Character: Good luck finding someone with more intangibles than this guy. He and Tyler Wilson have that gunslinger mentality that I personally love. You can see the competitor come out and teams will fall in love with that spirit. There aren’t any concerns with him as a person or leader. Played in a pro-style offense under Doug Marrone dropping mostly from under center. He needs some work with blitz recognition as he displays very little awareness of where the blitz is coming from. It’s something that could be taught but I can’t see him being an early success without developing this skill in training camp. I have major concerns with him locking onto his first read and slow progressions off it. This is a quarterback killer at the next level.

Size: Ideal size for Nassib if he checks in at his listed 6-foot-2 height. His build is reminiscent of Aaron Rodgers.

Overall: Ryan Nassib has helped himself this season so much so that people are talking about a reunion with Doug Marrone with the 8th pick in the draft. That would be a monumental mistake in my book. I like a lot about Nassib, I’m just not sure he’s capable of making an early impact in the league. His delay in progression reads and inability to pick up the blitz are major concern areas that need addressed. While he possesses a strong arm in the short to intermediate range, I don’t see him being successful in the vertical passing game because of deep accuracy issues. Nassib would be best served sitting a year or two, learning and developing into a well-rounded student of the game. Being pushed into the first round will bring expectations of being an immediate starter and would be detrimental to his growth. Boom or bust type player.

Author: Brad

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  • HardcoreBillsfan37

    Wouldn’t mind Buffalo getting this guy in the second but at 8th overall is a little to much for me. Tyler Wilson is a much better prospect.

    • bradc11

      I’d have to agree with that. Wilson is a better prospect but not remarkably better. I’m not sure I would spend the 8th pick on Wilson. Wait it out and take a QB in the second. Not a whole lot of drop off with any of these guys.

  • Gantry

    I am less impressed with him. He’s got a weird hitch in his throwing motion. When he is in the pocket he tends to lift his back foot (right foot) off the ground after releasing the ball toward areas outside of the hash marks. It’s especially evident on wide receiver screens and passes out into the flat. It reminds me of Tim Tebow. I think this causes weight transfer and balance problems that will severely hinder him in the League.

    • bradc11


      Your the second person to make the Tim Tebow comparison in as many days. I can see it a little but he’s more polished from a mechanics standpoint. There is a hitch at the end of his drop. I’m really concerned with his ability to throw deep and ball placement. If he were available in mid round 2 I would pull the trigger but I think he’s going to require some patience.