2013 NFL Draft Order

The top five remain intact and the No. 1 pick is officially up for grabs in a two team race. Kansas City and Jacksonville will take the battle to week 17. Kansas City draws a matchup with Denver in week 17 while the Jaguars will take on the Titans. Out of the two teams it would appear that KC will drafting first overall with the Jags (Jags beat the Titans in week 12). But any given Sunday has nipped plenty of teams in the No. 1 pick driver’s seat.

Week 17 always brings some significant wins for bad teams that cost their team draft position. The only people this matters to is fans and there is certain to be some upset fans next Sunday when their inept teams lose draft positions with a win.

Here’s a look at the updated 2013 NFL Draft order following week 16’s slate of games.

1. Kansas City 2-13

2. Jacksonville 2-13

3. Oakland 4-11

4. Philadelphia 4-11

5. Detroit 4-11

6. Buffalo 5-10

7. Cleveland 5-10

8. Arizona 5-10

9. Tennessee 5-10

10. San Diego 6-9

11. Tampa Bay 6-9

12. New York Jets 6-9

13. Carolina 6-9

14. Pittsburgh 7-8

15. Miami 7-8

16. New Orleans 7-8

17. St. Louis 7-7-1

18. Dallas 8-7

19. New York Giants 8-7

20. Chicago 9-6

21. Cincinnati 9-6

22. Minnesota 9-6

23. Indianapolis 10-5

24. Seattle 10-5

25. St. Louis (f/Washington) 9-6

26. Baltimore 10-5

27. San Francisco 10-4-1

28. Green Bay 11-4

29. New England 11-4

30. Denver 12-3

31. Houston 12-3

32. Atlanta 13-2

Author: Brad

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  • neighborhooddrunkpart2

    Damn, If Steelers lose there’s a chance that they can be in the tenth in the 2013 Draft.

    • neighborhooddrunkpart2

      *tenth spot

      • bradc11

        If the Steelers lose to the Browns, I would forfeit my pick. They are in bad shape.

        • neighborhooddrunkpart2

          Haha, Isn’t Colt McCoy starting this week?

        • neighborhooddrunkpart2

          The Steelers will not lose to the browns again, So I’m fine will the 14th spot, and drafting Ezekiel Ansah.

          • Brad

            Yeah, I would rather settle for 4 draft spots then to end the season on that note. Colt and Weeden aren’t practicing as of today. They picked up Josh Johnson and if the game were played today Thad Lewis would be starting. Ouch.

  • Duncan

    Bills need to lose.

  • Braeden

    As a pats fan I really hope that KC miraculously upsets denver and indy wins this week because then the pats get home field advantage