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"Mike Glennon"


Mike Glennon I 6067 I 232 I QB I Senior I North Carolina State

40 Time (E): 5.05

All Star Game Appearance: Senior Bowl (tentative)

Arm Strength: Mike Glennon possesses the strongest arm of any 2013 QB.  There isn’t a throw Glennon can’t make on the field.  What I love most about Glennon is that despite the big arm he isn’t always looking to jam it into tight windows.  Quarterbacks with big arms often look to throw into windows that aren’t there and become overconfident in their arm strength.  Glennon, at times, isn’t trustworthy enough of his arm.  His ability to push the ball vertically will draw serious attention come evaluation time.

Accuracy: Coming into the 2012 season, all I heard about Glennon was that he wasn’t accurate enough to be a top prospect.  I didn’t see that in any tapes that I watched.  He, like most young quarterbacks, tends to lock into his first option and make mistakes trying to do too much with the ball.  When Glennon misses it’s usually his feet that are the culprit.  He has heavy feet and gets stiff on his front leg.  The one consistent spot that Glennon seemed to miss on was balls delivered 15+ outside the hash.  While there seems to be a lot of negatives, I’m nitpicking.  Bottom line is that when Glennon is in a rhythm, he’s an accurate passer that can light up a defense with his arm talent.

Throwing Mechanics:  As discussed, Glennon’s mechanical issues can be attributed to his footwork.  He will get stiff on the front leg and throw flat footed.  He’s got an over the top delivery that’s picture perfect as he stands at almost 6’7”.  From the waist up it’s fun to watch the ball pop off Glennon’s hand.  His release is longer than you would like but it comes out with so much velocity that it makes up for the long release.

Mobility/Athleticism: Glennon isn’t going to be many in a foot race but he has the ability to slide and climb the pocket to avoid rushers.  I was extremely impressed with Glennon’s ability to throw on roll outs and boot action.  For a guy that doesn’t appear to be a great athlete he understands the value of moving the pocket at times.

Pocket Presence: Despite having poor feet, Glennon has a pretty good feel for the pocket and rushers.  He does a nice job of seeing the blitz and getting the ball out quickly to his target.  There’s plenty of guys excelling in the league with poor feet and Glennon has some of the same attributes.  Tom Brady avoids taking shots by getting the ball out quick and is able to slide to avoid pass rushers.  Glennon, clearly, isn’t Tom Brady but he shows a similar sense of pressure and ability to get the ball out his hand quickly. My favorite aspect of Glennon’s game is his ability to throw with trash at his feet. Glennon seemed to excel under pressure situations when forced to improvise and check the ball down.

Intangibles/Character: Mike Glennon took over the reins from Russell Wilson and hasn’t looked back since.  He’s an intelligent quarterback that has mastered a pro-style offense at N.C. State.  Glennon avoids mistakes with his ability to see the defense pre-snap and understanding where the ball needs to go.  He didn’t have the best weapons or offensive line at N.C. State and excelled despite that.  Glennon took a lot of shots and continued to get back up this season which will earn the respect of an NFL locker room.  He appears poised on and off the field which will bode well for his future as an NFL QB.

Size: Glennon is about as physical a presence as they come at the quarterback position.  At near 6’7” and 232 pounds he has the prototype body for an NFL QB.

Overall: Mike Glennon will be heavily scrutinized until April’s draft.  There’s a ton to like with this guy and he can’t count me as a fan of his game.  I think there will be a bunch of varied grades on this guy ranging from 1st to 3rd round.  I fall into the first round category.  He has NFL tools and is more ready to play than many give him credit for.  He played in an NFL system taking snaps under center and in the gun.  The pre-draft process will be an important one for Glennon and he’s best served to throw at every opportunity.  For me, Glennon possesses the tools to be a capable starter in the NFL and first round pick.

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Author: Brad

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