2013 NFL Mock Draft: What does KC do with the top pick?

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"Mike Glennon"


Before the where’s Matt Barkley and why is Mike Glennon and Tyler Wilson ahead of Barkley chatter starts up, I’ll explain.  I still think Barkley goes in the first but via a trade back into the first.  I don’t mock trades but I fully expect Barkley to be the fourth quarterback off the board in the 20’s and possibly 30’s.

1. Kansas City Chiefs – Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

Geno Smith hasn’t inspired much confidence that he’s worthy of the top  pick in the draft in recent weeks.  The heart of WVU’s Big XII schedule has been brutal for Smith.  The problem with this statement is that the Big XII isn’t known for their top notch defenses.  That said, does KC really have a choice outside going with a quarterback at No. 1.  For that reason, the Chiefs may have to reach a little to find their future signal caller and at the end of the day, it’s Geno Smith.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M

I have mocked pass rusher to the Jags exclusively.  Clearly it’s a major need area but after watching them for two weeks, I quickly realized the need for a pass protector.  I don’t know that Blaine Gabbert deserves another shot at being the starter but the options are slim at the QB position with this pick.  So, the Jags throw a curveball and take the top pass protector and possibly top player in this draft.  Eugene Monroe slides to right tackle and all of the sudden Jacksonville is cooking with gas on their offensive line.  At the very least, you give Gabbert or whomever they decide to draft in the coming rounds or pick up in free agency a fighting chance.

3. Cleveland Browns – Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia

The Browns are in need of a playmaker or two on defense.  Jones brings just that but there are some medical concerns that will need cleared up before anyone takes him this high.  If Jones’ neck checks out he could easily go to Jacksonville and probably doesn’t slide past Cleveland.  If it doesn’t, who knows.  The Browns are a young team that is much better than their 2-8 record would have you believe.  Jones gives them an instant impact player on a defense that could sorely use one.

4. Carolina Panthers – Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah

Carolina would have loved for Luke Joeckel to slide down to them as I think they should be focused on giving Cam Newton help in protection.  If Joeckel doesn’t make it down here they will look to one of the talented DT’s for help as the Edwards wall is just not getting it done.

5. Oakland Raiders – Damontre Moore, DE, Texas A&M

The Raiders need someone that can get after the QB and Damontre Moore is more than capable of doing that.  Lamaar Houston can kick inside, allowing this pick to kill two birds with one stone.  Tommy Kelly is nowhere near earning his sizable contract and is most likely headed towards getting cut.

6. Philadelphia Eagles – Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan

The Eagles offensive line is atrocious.  Demetress Bell is abysmal and expecting Jason Peters to return to his old form is naive.  The Eagles would love to get their hands on Joeckel but he will be gone by the 6th pick.  So, they take the next best option (and its a pretty good one) in Lewan.  Lewan is a nasty tackle with room to grow.  That’s a scary proposition if you watched him versus Iowa.

7. St. Louis Rams – Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama

Believe it or not, LG is a bigger need for the Rams than tackle.  They aren’t as bad up front as I originally thought but bad enough to take a guard in the top 10.  Everytime I watch Warmack, I become more impressed.  He’s the exception to the rule and is more than worthy of this high of a pick.  He’s an instant starter with Pro Bowl potential in year one.  No one will be complaining about this pick if he’s a Pro Bowler in year one.

8. San Diego Chargers – Manti Te’o, LB, Notre Dame

I can’t get on Mel Kiper’s bandwagon that Te’o will be off the board by pick three of the draft.  The Chargers need help in a lot of spots, mostly on the offensive line and at corner.  That said, Te’o is BPA and fills a secondary need for the Chargers.  They need a downhill thumper on the inside and Te’o is just that.

9. Miami Dolphins – Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M

Matthews is probably the most likely of the junior tackles to head back to school.  The opportunity to play with his brother and man the left side may be too great to lure him to the NFL.  Let’s assume he comes out, because he’s definitely good enough to, the Dolphins should jump all over the opportunity to make him Jake Long’s replacement.  Long is grossly underachieving and has been for awhile.

10. Buffalo Bills – Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas 

Let me preface this pick by saying I’m a fan of Tyler Wilson.  Sure, he’s developed some bad habits behind a porous offensive line but the guy is as tough as they come and has NFL tools.  The Bills don’t have a plethora of options unless they go after a free agent option or a Mike Vick type.  I’ll take my chances on Wilson.

11. Detroit Lions – Barkevious Mingo, DE, LSU

The Lions may choose to use Mingo like Von Miller is used in Denver.  There are no doubts that he’s struggled from a productivity standpoint but he’s a talent that just can’t fall any further.  His enormous upside and ability to bend the edge are too much for Detroit to pass on despite Dee Milliner still being on the board.

12. Arizona Cardinals – Mike Glennon, QB, NC State

Everyone is becoming enamored by Mike Glennon and it’s really easy to.  He’s big, throws with touch, underrated accuracy, and shows solid arm strength.  If Glennon were at USC or West Virginia with those weapons, would we be talking about him being taken atop this draft?  While I’m not sold on Glennon’s pocket presence or decision making at times, I do believe the upside to be taken in the first round is there.  The Joe Flacco comparisons are already out and trust me the hype isn’t going away.  This guy is built to be successful in pre-draft workouts.  If he gets a Senior Bowl invite (and he will) it should be telltale to see how he does with that level of competition.

13. St. Louis Rams – C.J. Mosley, OLB, Alabama

I know Rams fans will want a WR here but I don’t see the value to justify the pick.  A WLB is needed and Mosley has the skill to play the WILL in this defense.  This isn’t the sexiest first round but they find two plug and play guys that could be impact players in year one.  Keenan Allen or any other receiver at this point is a reach.

14. Tennessee Titans – Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama

It will be tough for the Titans to pass on the falling Johnathan Hankins here but Milliner is a good reason to.  The Titans need help in their backend worse than up front and Milliner slides into their lap.

15. New York Jets – Dion Jordan, DE/OLB, Oregon

The Jets need a pass rusher in worst of ways.  Jordan has experience standing up making him a logical fit for the Jets, barring Rex Ryan is still the coach which may be unlikely at this point.

16. Cincinnati Bengals – Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida State

OLB is probably Cincinnati’s biggest need area but passing on Werner at No. 16 is not an option for the Bengals.  They have little depth at defensive end and could be a serious need if Michael Johnson isn’t re-signed.

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Author: Brad

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  • Reggie

    Wow. Lots of prospect changes. Hankins moving that low…that is quite a drop but a non consistent motor is a scare. Warmack going in the top 10? I dont think he has the versatility to do that. DeCastro fell and really the only interio OL talent that goes in the top 15 are guys able to play guard and center. GLennon I cannot comment on since I have not seen him play so I will adhere to you. As a Lions fan I think I would rather have Montgomery, Werner, or Millner. Lack of productivity is alarming. Especially since he is on a LSU team that has other elite pass rushers so he is not the sole focus of the opposition. We do not play a 3-4 but close with a wide 9. I think I would like Werner most of all since his production is more and his size/speed combo are close to Mingo. Still Mingo could do well on our defense. MIllner is over rated to me.

    • bradc11

      Big Hank is really wearing down. He hasn’t been a factor in a couple games. No doubt his skill set warrants a top 10 pick, and he probably winds up one, but there are concerns. Warmack’s as physically dominating as I’ve seen out of a guard prospect. Its impossible to watch Alabama and not get drawn to him driving guys down the field. Alabama’s scheme doesn’t call for versatility. They are a power run scheme…his athleticism is underrated. I have talked to guys I trust that say, he’s the best guard they’ve seen and they have been doing this for a long time. I was a DeCastro fan and I think Warmack is a much better player than he is. Warmack’s an instant impact guard and probably makes the Pro Bowl early on in his career. I would no problem taking that after pick 5 of the draft.

      Glennon is going to continue to pick up steam as the draft nears. He has elite physical tools and size for the position. I just keep asking myself how good would he be with Smith or Barkley’s weapons. I think he’ll be the third QB off the board.

      I love Mingo in Detroit’s system. I’m not sure you want Montgomery given your locker room situation. Montgomery isn’t noted for his work ethic. Mingo has elite physical tools and could wreck havoc in the wide nine. I think he’s a Von Miller type that could easily stand up on 1st and 2nd and play with his hand in the dirt on passing downs. I’m with you on the productivity thing, hence why I’m hesitating to put him in the top 10. Great system fit that fills a need at DE or OLB.

      • Reggie

        I agree on that fact that A Pro Bowler early after pick 5 is nice but still I cannot see a top 10 pick on a guard…wha tabout Jake Matthews with the Rams? Anyways I agree Glennon if he what you say he is could be where that pick is. I am not a huge fan of any of the QB prospects so it is unknown how they will shape up right now. Mingo could do well in Detroit and if you are right on Montgomery and his work ethic then no way do we need that in Detroit. What about Werner though? What are your comparisons in the NFL to Mingo? I have heard Von Miller and Jevon Kearse comparisons but both of those guys had production as well. Is there someone else who was a bit more raw like Mingo?

        • bradc11

          Click this link. It says all you need to know on Montgomery. There has been talk that he was allergic to the weight room and this confirms that.


          As far as a comparison on Mingo. Similar skill set to Von Miller. I envision him as a guy that stands up and plays with his hand in the dirt, so I’d say more Miller. Minus the production. It’s risky taking a guy that couldn’t put up numbers in college based on ceiling but it may be worth it when they are this skilled.

          • Reggie

            Lions risky picks just dont turn out for some reason. Titus Young and Jahvid Best are both what we feared….though Fairley is starting to show special skills so maybe there is hope. Though Fairley had one amazing season so that is one more than Mingo. You are right though since the fit with Mingo in Detroit is there.

  • Logan

    Hey Brad,
    I really like that you have the Colts going O-line (one of their biggest needs outside pass rusher and there aren’t any of value at that point), but I’m curious why you chose to slot the Colts Dallas Thomas instead of Eric Fisher. Thomas is a good prospect, but Fisher seems the better player.

    • bradc11


      I like Thomas’ versatility. He can play guard or tackle. I think the Colts biggest need is for a guard at this point. Justice has graded out as one of the top tackles in pressures allowed and Castonzo is your franchise LT. The guards have been abysmal. Thomas allows you to play him at guard and move him outside to tackle if Castonzo or Justice fall in the tank. I’m a huge fan of Fisher’s but he’s strictly a LT. I don’t think the Colts are giving up on Castonzo yet, so Thomas makes more sense to me. Trust me, I went back and forth on this one.

  • Thismocksucks

    This is typical mock drafts from you. Put guys in that don’t stand a chance just so you can look smarter than you are. Nobody, outside of you, has Glennon as a first round pick. He’s a third rounder at best. Who the hell is logan Ryan? A junior CB from Rutgers that won’t play in the league but you have him in the first round. Another pick that you think makes you look smart when really you are looking stupid. Congratulations on another abysmal mock draft.

    • bradc11


      Thanks for the feedback, it was really constructive. All I can say to this is that I was stupid when I mocked Ryan Tannehill in the first round last October. I was an idiot when I said last August that RGIII would be a first round pick…at QB when everyone was projecting him to be an NFL WR. Do some research on Glennon. I’m not the only one with this opinion. Also, watch a couple of games. Logan Ryan is one of best corners in the nation that just happens to be a junior and plays on one of the best defenses in college football, probably not a coincidence.

    • Bill J

      I don’t know that it’s wise to pick fights with Brad. I fought with his Bobby Wagner pick last year and it turns out Wagner was a steal in the 2nd. Brad had him in the first and he looks like a first round talent. I also remember the Russell WIlson debate and you were right on that one. Brad, do you have some insiders with the Seahawks, it seems they fell in love with the same guys you were all over last year. Anyways, he’s right a lot more than he’s wrong. You obviously are not a consistent reader. Just not wise as you will end up looking stupid in the end. At least I’m man enough to admit I was wrong on Wagner.

      • bradc11


        I appreciate a little love. We did battle on Bobby Wagner. Win some, lose some. I had a nice little run last season on players but it’s a ton of time evaluating these guys that pays off if your right. Check back tomorrow for a film study on Glennon. I think I’ll be able to convert some of the haters. He’s pretty good…trust me.

  • Reggie

    One more question Brad,
    With the struggles at QB do you think Brey could come out? I know he has his own set of problems but he could be a top 15 pick in THIS DRAFT. Also I am becomming an increased fan of Giovanni Bernard….could be just the kind of RB in Round 2 or DeAndre Hopkins at WR for the Lions to replace best and/or Young. Thoughts on them and their draft position?
    Glad you handle your criticism with class. I do not get why so many get mad and use the term “no chance” the season is not over and pre draft workouts have not begun. This draft is very fluid with the lack of a definete 1-10 in it. Lots of defensive players but those guys are hard to predict with many teams favoring offense.

    • bradc11

      I think Bray comes out. He’s done with Tennessee. But the wildcard would be if they were able to hire Gruden. He would be wise to stay if that’s the case. Learn under JG for a season. But I think he’s heading out of TEN. I’m not a huge fan of Bray’s. His play is too sporadic. I would much rather take Glennon or Wilson if I were looking at Bray.

      Bernard is tough. Like his game, he’s a better athlete than I thought. He’s the top back if he decides to come out. Hopkins is a stud. Had him mocked in the first round but pulled him out because of Austin. I don’t know how far Bernard would make it in the second. He could intrigue teams in the first with solid workouts. Same with Hopkins.

  • Duncan

    I Love the Bills pick; I think that with Gailey’s ability to get the most out of his players and our offensive line Wilson will succeed in Buffalo.

    • bradc11

      I love the fit of Gailey and Wilson. It’s just too perfect to ignore as I think Wilson is exactly what Gailey has wanted Ryan Fitzpatrick to be.

  • Jeremy

    Don’t you think Terrance Williams from Baylor projects first round? He’s a better receiver than Kendall Wright was for them and he’s easily one of the top three receivers in the nation.

    • bradc11

      I do. Williams will most likely carry a first round grade. He’s the best senior WR although Tavon Austin may give him a run for his money. I don’t know if he’s as good as Kendall Wright. Wright was my top receiver in the draft over Blackmon. I don’t see any of these receivers as special and can’t see any cracking the top 15.

      • Jeremy

        Thanks for the response. I’m a Baylor alum so I’ve watched them both for all of their careers. Although Terrance isn’t as fast as Kendall, he still has that break away speed needed to separate and he’s much bigger. I’m hoping he falls to the Texans and they finally address their need for a receiver opposite of Andre.

        • bradc11


          I always respond to good comments and yours falls in that category. What Terrance does in pre-draft workouts will be important. People want to see him separate with top caliber corners. If he does that, I have no doubts that he’ll go high…maybe top receiver off the board.

  • Justin

    I know it sounds like a long shot! But im thinking if logan thomas has a big game against virginia this week and has a good bowl game, he is definetly going to tear up the combine, i could see the chiefs taking him number 1 overall.. im not a fan of geno, matt or glennon. They may be more polished and nfl ready than logan thomas, but ill take his upside over their polish anyday..

    • bradc11


      I don’t have confidence that Logan can come back from what has been a pretty subpar season for him. Tons of physical talent but not anywhere near ready to play the position at the next level. He needs to come back and improve one more season. I’m a fan of looking at upside but Thomas is all upside with little polish which is scary. An apt comparison is Barkevious Mingo. Mingo is less productive but brings a ton of upside. There’s a little polish to Mingo which is why he is so highly regarded. With Thomas he hasn’t shown much improvement or polish from last season. KC is in a bad spot as I don’t see Geno as worthy of the top pick but QB is needed badly. I feel for you guys….as a Browns fan.

      • Lokrath

        Totally agree. Fellow Chiefs fan here and, I gotta say that this is the worst draft to be a bad team. There are no Lucks or RG3 in this draft, so we’re left to dig from the pile of scraps for the likes of Barkley and Geno.
        And you hit the nail on the head with Glennon. His receivers are terrible and are constantly dropping passes. If he had in a major program, he’d probably be the front runner for the first pick.
        As for Barkley; I live is Orange County, so I’ve seen this kid play since high school and I have to say that I feel really bad for whoever ends up drafting him. For the amount of money and coaching and focus and money and effort that has been poured into this kid, he should have been Andrew-Luck-Good. Amd he’s clearly not. Matter of fact, I dont even see much improvement from him in the last two years. And i think the point about Glennon is apt here, but in reverse; if Barkley were on Glennon’ team, would we even know his name?
        Bad draft to be a bad team… same ol’ Chiefs

  • Braeden

    what do you think of Aaron Murray? where do you see him being drafted? I like him a lot and see him going in the high to mid 2nd round even though in my mind he has first round talent ( due to his lack of size).I think the age of the stereotype of the QB being 6-3+ is on its way out with the rise of guys like brees and russel wilson. also, this is one of the better drafts I have seen and you have made a compelling argument for glennon, who hasn’t even been on my radar, I will have to look into his game but it seems like he is what bray was supposed to be for this year’s draft. im new to nlfsfutures thread and this is the first thing I’ve read from your site and I’m definitely impressed and i will continue to follow the draft through here from now on.

    • bradc11


      Glad you found us. I’m beginning to hear more and more that Murray may be leaning towards the draft following this season. He’s been on a tear lately and his stock may be as high as it will ever be. The knock on him is his size and arm strength. Size will never improve and arm strength isn’t likely. He doesn’t have a rag arm as some would have you believe but he will struggle making some of the window throws in the NFL. Last year I was a huge fan of Russell Wilson’s. I thought he was a first round pick because of arm talent, intangible, athleticism and had that “it” factor. Murray doesn’t have the arm talent of Wilson but all the rest is fairly similar. I think he winds up being a second round pick as Wilson’s success will help his stock.

      Your right, Glennon is everything that everyone thought Tyler Bray was going to be. There’s not much I don’t like about Glennon at this point. The Joe Flacco is a good one expect Flacco is a much better athlete. Think Joe Flacco minus the athleticism and that’s what you get with Glennon which should make him a top 15 pick in my book. Keep on following as it only gets better.

      • Braeden

        thanks for the insight on Murray and I can’t wait to read more about the draft through here.

      • Braeden

        who do you think are all the pass rushers with first round grades?

        • bradc11

          Of the DE’s – Damontre Moore, Bjoern Werner, Ezekiel Ansah, Dion Jordan, Cornellius Carradine, Sam Montgomery in that order for me. I leave off Alex Okafor but many would include him. I’m not a huge fan, don’t see special pass rusher there.

          Of the OLB’s – Jarvis Jones, Barkevious Mingo, Anthony Barr, CJ Mosley in that order

          • Braeden

            alright, I agree with most of that. I think ultimately moore, who may be the best period, will stay in school like he said, i’m a noles fan so I love werner, if jeffcoat were healthy he would be on this list and okafor wouldn’t even be the best pass-rusher on his team. i like jordan a lot if he can go to a creative team like dallas, NYJ, or if he halls to green bay. i’ve definitely never looked into ansah but I will definitely pencil him in for a look at what he can do. I’m concerned with Montgomery’s work ethic but if there was no concern there he may be the best as well. jones right now is probably the most highly mocked player in the top 3 right now and I have a felling Mingo will be on Oakland’s radar if moore stays in. need to look at barr some more because I haven’t seen him much either though i don’t follow UCLA(or BYU for that matter) and i like mosely as a 4-3 OLB or 3-4 ILB. I’m surprised carrdine gets so much praise as well as he has played for FSU as he is a one year wonder which scares me from a draft perspective. I mean, if brandon jenkins never got hurt, there would be no talk of carradine and jenkins would be on your list. what do you think of Auburn’s Corey Lemonier or Illinois’s MIchael Buchanan?

          • bradc11

            I like Lemonier although I think he’s a 34 OLB for sure. I’m not big on Buchanan. I have yet to see him play at a high level on a consistent basis. Heck, I really haven’t seen him shine in spurts for that matter. Definitely check out Ansah and Barr. Two big time talents that are raw with enormous ceilings. Carradine is building a lot of buzz right now. He’s taken over in games and has the look of a dynamic edge rusher in the NFL. Nice build, remember he was highly productive at the JUCO level before enrolling at FSU. Was one of the top JUCO players, if not the top JUCO player in the country before FSU. Watched him play in high school and he was better than advertised. Man amongst boys at Cincinnati Taft and was only about 210-215. He added 45-50 pounds and kept his signature speed. My guess is he blows the top off the Combine. Vertical in the 36-39 range and runs high 4.5, low 4.6 at 260 pounds. He’s that kind of athlete.

          • Braeden

            thanks, i looked at the tape on ansah against notre dame, and he was stout vs. the run since they played him more a DT then DE in that game, I’m gonna look at some tape where he rushes the passer to see what he can really do. but so far i see a big raw talent who if he gets put on the right team will be something special. he also will provide a good locker room guy, being that he has a good story and is a high character guy. I’ve yet to look into barr but will likely do that tomorrow morning. and as talented as carradine is, i am still a tad concerned that he only got to where he is by an injury to another player in jenkins. what do you think jenkins’ stock would be if he didn’t get hurt and then what would carradine’s be? though who knows, maybe carradine really is better, and the fact that jenkins got hurt was a blessing in disguise. do you think lemonier could maake it into the bottom of the first round? or is he a day 2 selection?

          • Braeden

            i wache the tape on barr and he is incredible, i saw him vs utah state, colorado, and USC and he was making plays all over the field. do you think he could play in a 4-3 at de or at OLB or is he exclusively a 3-4 OLB?

          • Braeden


          • bradc11

            Barr is nice. I think he can play 43 OLB, yeah he’s that kind of athlete. He’s not stout enough to play end in the 43. He only weighs around 235-240. I see him best as a 34 OLB that could definitely play 43 OLB.

          • Braeden

            so he could play a Von miller type role on some teams? where do you think he will be drafted? would it be a reach for him to go to Cincinnati at 16 for them if Mosley ( the best pure 4-3 OLB in the draft imo) is taken by then? because like you said, OLB is there biggest need, and i don’t think there is a DE available at that juncture in my mock i already have Mingo, montgomery, Jordan, and Werner taken (to oakland, tennessee, NYJ, and Detroit respectively) and I am assuming in my mock that Moore will stay in school.

            MY MOCK PICKS 1-15

            1-KC: Geno Smith, QB WVU

            2-OT Luke Joeckel, TAMU

            (i have agreed w/ you that an OT will go top

            3 and I believe joeckel is by far the best OT)

            3- CLE: Jarvis Jones, OLB, UGA

            4- CAR: DT Star Lotulelei, UTAH

            5-OAK: DE Barkvious Mingo, LSU

            (we know that the raiders like athletes and they need a DE, so mingo is best DE available and while the productions not where it should be, the athleticism will be to much to pass up, and the success of a monster athlete with low college production in Dontari Poe will help MIngo’s draft stock)

            6- PHI: OT Taylor lewan, MICH

            7-(you swung me on this one) OG Chance Warmack, BAMA (plus, i think Jake Matthews will stay in school)

            8-SD: CB Dee Milliner, BAMA

            9- BUF: QB Tyler WIlson, ARK

            10-NYJ: DE/OLB DIon Jordan (a bit of a reach but jordan is a perfect fit with the team if rex is still there so he will be worth it here for that defensive scheme)

            11-DET: DE Bjoern Werner, FSU

            12- MIA: ILB Manti T’eo (he probably won’t be available but i like him in the top 15 maybe top ten but no higher, and miami could use a LB, so if t’eo isn’t here they may take Mosley.

            13-TEN: DE Sam Montgomery, LSU

            14-Arizona: (another pick in which you and the tape persuaded me on)QB Mike Glennon, NCSU ( Looked better on tape then barkley,vs FSU (top 5 team) then Barkley vs. oregon (top 5 team) and, looked at barkley vs oregon 2011 and between last years game and this years, barkley definitely regressed, and i saw glennon vs. clemson in which he played phenomenal but i saw progression vs. a tougher FSU defense)

            15-STL: from WAS: LB CJ mosley (also a pick u swung me on)

          • bradc11

            He could wind up going very high with his ceiling. He could easily go into the top 20 picks and wouldn’t be surprised if he went top 12.

          • Braeden

            Alright, I will probably mock him to Cincy then, what do you think of the rest of my mock so far?

      • Braeden

        i looked at the film of glennon vs. UNC and FSU and then also looked at barkley vs. Oregon and glennon was much better as far as the tape looked. to me glennon is the second best according to the tale of the tape, but i give the nod to wilson for the second spot because he has handled the adversity this year well and proved he can take ups and downs and I admire his intangibles and toughness.

  • neigherhood drunk

    I like Elam, But the Steelers won’t draft a safety over Alex Okafor,Anthony Barr or Jamie Collins. Since James Harrison won’t be on the team next year.

    • bradc11

      I’m not big on Okafor and think Collins is a second rounder. Barr is intriguing for the Steelers. I didn’t include him on this mock but he definitely will be a first rounder if he declares despite playing a year at LB. To be honest, I’m not sure Barr makes it down that far if he comes out. Guy is an athletic freak that has an enormous ceiling. Very good call on Barr…I’m impressed.

      • neigherhood drunk

        What do you have against Okafor? I believe Okafor is a better prospect than Mingo & I like to skip workouts Montgomery(both overrated IMO). If Collins run a 4.60 or less he will go in the first round. And thanks, I try.

        • Braeden

          I for one am not a fan of Okafor either, and he’s not nearly the prospect that mango and montgomery are, meanwhile if it weren’t for a season ending injury to Longhorn DE Jackson Jeffcoat then IMO okafor would not even be the best pass rusher on his team.

          • Braeden


          • neigherhood drunk

            Whoa there buddy, Okafor had more sacks than Jackson had before he got injured.

        • bradc11

          Not that I’m not a fan but I think there’s better pass rushers in front of him. He’s looking like he’s going to carry an early second day grade for me. Although I’m not done with my Texas evaluations. Collins will run at least a 4.6 but I don’t think he’s physical enough to warrant a pick in the first. He runs really well and could wind up being a good value in the second.

  • Braeden

    How do you like Joseph Randle? He appears to be the most well-rounded back and i see him as the top back in the draft. your thoughts?

    • bradc11

      I like Randle. He doesn’t get the credit he deserves but I’ve been high on him since last season. If he declares, he will be right in the mix among the top backs in this draft.

  • Braeden

    DE Tank Carradine is out for the remainder of the year with a torn ACL

    • Braeden

      just reported from JImbo Fisher

    • Brad

      Terrible news for a guy that was on the rise. He will struggle now as he really needed the pre-draft process to solidify his year of production.