NFL Week Ten Picks Against the Spread

"Jimmy the Greek"Last week, I got off to a hot start and cooled as they day progressed to finish at 8-6.  This takes our season mark to 70-47 against the spread.  No complaints with that but let’s see if we can get hot this week.

Sorry, missed the deadline on Thursday night’s game.

New York Giants (-4.5) at Cincinnati

The Bengals are struggling right now and they are the popular pick in the upset.  I can’t see the Giants going down in consecutive weeks to AFC North opponents.

GAME PREDICTION:  New York 27, Cincinnati 21

Denver (-4.5) at Carolina

This one has gimme written all over it, which scares me off.  I’m going with Carolina at home and don’t ask why…just a gut feeling.

GAME PREDICTION:  Carolina 24, Denver 20

San Diego at Tampa Bay (-3.5)

Is there a hotter team right now than Tampa Bay?  Josh Freeman is looking like the Josh Freeman of 2010 and Doug Martin is proving to be a phenom early on in his rookie season.  I’m going with the Bucs but not to cover the 3.5 points.  San Diego keeps this one close but goes down by a field goal.

GAME PREDICTION:  Tampa Bay 24, San Diego 21

Atlanta (-2.5) at New Orleans

I’ve been waiting for the Falcons to go down.  A lot of folks think that’s happening this Sunday at the Superdome.  I’m not on that bus, I’m going with the Falcons.  I can’t see the Falcons folding under the same pressure that the Saints were able to put on Mike Vick and the Eagles.

GAME PREDICTION:  Atlanta 27, New Orleans 17

Buffalo at New England (-11.5)

Is it just me or do I take NE with huge point spreads every week.  Well I’m at it again.  I’m going with the Pats big in this contest.

GAME PREDICTION:  New England 38, Buffalo 17

Oakland at Baltimore (-7.5)

Baltimore scares me a little bit right now.  Cleveland shot themselves in the foot last week costing them the game.  Oakland keeps this one close but can’t pull out the victory.

GAME PREDICTION:  Baltimore 24, Oakland 20

Detroit (-2.5) at Minnesota

Christian Ponder has slowed down to a snail’s pace after getting off to a good start.  Detroit is playing much better but I’m going with the home team in this one.

GAME PREDICTION:  Minnesota 24, Detroit 17

Tennessee at Miami (-6.5)

Miami is riding high right now but it comes crashing down this week at home.  I think Tennessee plays admirably this week and walks out of South Beach with a win.

GAME PREDICTION:  Tennessee 27, Miami 13

New York Jets at Seattle (-6.5)

The Jets going to the Pacific Northwest could be ugly.  But something tells me that they are going to look very un-Jets like this week and surprise the Seahawks.

GAME PREDICTION:  New York 23, Seattle 10

Dallas (-1.5) at Philadelphia

Both teams have a lot to prove.  The question is which one will play inspired after tough seasons.  I’m going with the ‘Boys on the road in this contest.

GAME PREDICTION:  Dallas 27, Philadelphia 17

St. Louis at San Francisco (-11.5)

I think St. Louis keeps this one within 11.5 points as Alex Smith draws more criticism.

GAME PREDICTION:  San Francisco 24, St. Louis 14

Houston at Chicago (-1.5)

I have to say, I love this game.  Sunday night at Soldier Field, it doesn’t get any better than this one.  I’m going with Houston on road to pull this one off and show they are the class of the AFC.

GAME PREDICTION:  Houston 23, Chicago 17

Kansas City at Pittsburgh (-12.5)

I have not missed a Monday Night game in a long while, this one will tempt me.  Pittsburgh rolls over the abysmal Chiefs.

GAME PREDICTION:  Pittsburgh 27, Kansas City 10


Author: Brad

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  • Mikehunt

    ouch, rough week douche

    • bradc11


      It was a rough one. I’ll come back strong next week,