2013 NFL Draft Offensive Tackle Rankings

"Oday Aboushi"

Oday Aboushi may be the best senior pass protector but where does he rank amongst all senior tackles

The offensive tackle position is one of the premier positions in today’s NFL and it’s showing in each draft.  With the NFL slowly becoming a pass happy league that does everything in it’s power to protect the quarterback, having a premier offensive tackle is a priority. 

This year’s class will be judged by the junior talent, despite having a couple of senior tackles that are fringe first round prospects.  The senior class was looking bleak at the start of the season but Lane Johnson’s emergence and the continued growth of Dallas Thomas and Oday Aboushi will significantly impact the quality of this senior class.

A pair of Texas A&M junior tackles could go in the first round of April’s draft, while Michigan’s Taylor Lewan figures to challenge those two as the top tackle in this class.   A name to watch out for as the draft nears is Justin Pugh, the Syracuse LT.  Pugh missed some time due to injury this season but he projects as a solid LT in the NFL.  If Pugh decides to declare early, he could surprise some as a fringe first round prospect.

Here’s a look at the offensive tackle class for the 2013 NFL Draft.

1. Eric Fisher I Central Michigan I 6’7” I 305

Our top senior tackle comes from the MAC.  Fisher is drawing comparisons to former Central Michigan first round tackle, Joe Staley and for good reason.  He’s big and athletic with the movement skills to excel on the left side in the NFL.  Fisher could be the next in line as a first round MAC tackle.


2. Dallas Thomas I Tennessee I 6’5” I 300

Normally a move inside to guard as a senior is a bad sign for a prospect but not for Thomas.  Thomas can play inside or right tackle at the next level.  He is an impressive athlete with a nice frame.  He will have to work out technique issues and show the ability to consistently handle speed rushers on Sunday’s.  Thomas’ versatility should find him a spot early on day, if not late on Thursday.


3. Lane Johnson I Oklahoma I 6’6” I 303 

Lane Johnson was considered a late round pick before the season began.  He is now looked as a 2nd to 3rd round prospect with some connecting his name with a surprise first round pick.  He’s a long athlete with vines for arms.  He’s powerful with his ability to control defenders with a solid base and strong hands.  Johnson has held up against some of the best Big XII pass rushers including holding Jackson Jeffcoat without a sack.  I think he’s a solid 2nd round pick at this point with a high ceiling.


4. Oday Aboushi I Virginia I 6’6” I 310

Aboushi could step in immediately as an NFL pass protector.  Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for this ability as a run blocker.  Aboushi is a hard worker who could work his way into an NFL starter with time.  He will need to work his technique in the run game and cut down on penalties if he wants to be an effective NFL starter at some point in his career.


5. Kyle Long I Oregon I 6’7″ I 311

Kyle Long has emerged from Florida State baseball player to Oregon tackle. Long is the son of Howie Long that came on as a senior and earned the eye of many in the scouting world. He’s an athletic tackle with a ton of upside and probably works his way into the 2nd to 3rd round range of April’s draft


6. Brennan Williams I North Carolina I 6’7” I 310

Williams will lock down the right tackle spot for an NFL team for a long time.  Unlike Fisher and Thomas, I don’t see any future at left tackle which is the reason for him falling to No. 3 on our senior tackle rankings.  He possesses optimum size and has become a better pass protector in 2012 which should earn him a spot at the top of round two, possibly the end of day one.


7. Ricky Wagner I Wisconsin I 6’6” I 322

Wagner was once touted as the top senior tackle and likely first round pick but he has been exposed this season and fallen back to reality.  That said, Wagner possesses the size and strength to be an effective run blocker if he can clean up his technique.  He has a tendency to bend at the waist and isn’t a natural knee bender.  If Wagner can work on some of his technique issues he could be a value in round three.


7. Brian Winters I Kent State I 6’6” I 296 I DRAFT PROJECTION:  3

8. Braden Brown I BYU I 6’5″ I 302 I DRAFT PROJECTION:  4-5

9. Reid Fragel I Ohio State I 6’7″ I 298 I DRAFT PROJECTION: 4

10. LaAdrian Waddle I Texas Tech I 6’6” I 332 DRAFT PROJECTION: 5-6

11. David Quesenberry I San Jose State I 6’5 I 295 I DRAFT PROJECTION: 4-5

12. Luke Marquardt I Asuza Pacific I 6’8″ I 312 I DRAFT PROJECTION: 5-6

13. Oscar Johnson I Louisiana Tech I 6’6″ I 330 I DRAFT PROJECTION: 6

14. Xavier Nixon I Florida I 6’5” I 292 DRAFT PROJECTION: 4-5

15. Manase Foketi I West Texas A&M I 6’5” I 325 DRAFT PROJECTION: 6

16. John Wetzel I Boston College I 6’8” I 302 I DRAFT PROJECTION: 6

17. Alex Hurst I LSU I 6’6” I 340 I DRAFT PROJECTION: 5

18. Tanner Hawkinson I Kansas I 6’6” I 295 I DRAFT PROJECTION: 5-6


1. Luke Joeckel I Texas A&M I 6’5” I 310

"Taylor Lewan"

Lewan is just scratching the surface of his potential

Joeckel is the class of this class.  Graded as a top ten prospect in the draft, he would be wise to end his collegiate career early and take his talents to the NFL.  Joeckel has handled the best the SEC has to offer thus far in 2012 and his overall skill level could see him move into the top five of the 2013 NFL Draft.

2. Jake Matthews I Texas A&M I 6’5” I 305

The other half of Texas A&M’s duo is living up to his namesake.  Matthews is a pure right tackle with top twenty ability.  Teams may be looking to move Matthews to the left side, which would increase his draft stock.  He’s a plug and play type player that could be an impactful run blocker at right tackle from day one.  He’s not the athlete that Joeckel is but makes up for it with his functional strength and technique.

3. Taylor Lewan I Michigan I 6’8” I 302

I had written Lewan off as a project before this season and into one game this season.  Week to week he is proving me wrong in showing top ten ability.  He’s not the finished product that Joeckel is at this point but has an enormous ceiling.  I love his demeanor and athleticism at the position.

4. Justin Pugh I Syracuse I 6’6″ I 298

5. Jack Mewhort I Ohio State I 6’6” I 312

6. D.J. Fluker I Alabama I 6’6” I 335

7. James Hurst I North Carolina I 6’7” I 310

Author: Brad

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  • Bex_R1986

    I need to learn to trust my judgement better, I had Jack Mewhort as one of my top OL prospects coming into this season but let him drop in the early part of the season. But he’s looked fantastic the last few weeks.

    I rate LaAdrian Waddle quite a bit higher than a 6th rounder, I see him as a day 2 prospect. We shall see!

    Seniors: 1. Eric Fisher, Central Michigan; 2. Oday Aboushi, Virginia; 3. Brennan Williams, N. Carolina; 4. Dallas Thomas, Tennessee; 5. LaAdrian Waddle, Texas Tech; 6. Rick Wagner, Wisconsin; 7. Lane Johnson, Oklahoma; 8. Hugh Thornton, Illinois; 9. Xavier Nixon, Florida; 10. John Wetzel, Boston College.

    Juniors: 1. Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M; 2. Taylor Lewan, Michigan; 3. Jake Matthews, Texas A&M; 4. James Hurst, N. Carolina; 5. Jack Mewhort, Ohio State; 6. D.J. Fluker, Alabama; 7. Justin Pugh, Syracuse; 8. Morgan Moses, Virginia; 9. Zach Martin, Notre Dame; 10. Seantrel Henderson, Miami.

  • Braeden

    didn’t brennan Williams get hurt?

    • bradc11

      Yes, he’s out for the season with a torn labrum.

      • Braeden

        then why is he ranked so high if he will likely scare teams away due to the health concern. and if he can be ranked shouldn’t LSUOT chris Faulk be ranked as well even though he got injured of the season as well, i saw ifrst round preseason grades on both of them but have not seen them drafted before round 4 in a draft since

        • bradc11

          The rankings were done before Brennan’s injury. Even after a torn labrum probably won’t hurt his draft status much. Faulk would have been a top 20 pick w/o the injury. He should stay at LSU for another year and come out next year. If he can come back healthy next year he should be in the running to be the top tackle next year.

          • Braeden

            ok. So with that said, i don’t think he is as good as Aboushi, wagner, or anthony fisher. but he may be a day 2 pick, and chris faulk will either be the best OT or the second best if MAtthews stays at TAMU.

          • bradc11

            Out of the names you mentioned I would rate them like this…Fisher, Aboushi, Williams, Wagner.

            If Matthews stays at TAMU next year and moves to LT he should vault himself into the top 10…although he has a shot to go there this year…albeit a longshot.

          • Braeden

            Personally i think he(matthews) and Damontre Moore, another highly touted prospect from TAMU will both stay in school. Moore has said he will most likely do so and it seems most beneficial to matthews to do so as well.