Michael Brewster Scouting Report

"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Michael Brewster"Michael Brewster

Ohio State

Ht. 6-5 Wt. 305

Pass Blocking:  Michael Brewster is a four-year starter for the Buckeyes.  He has heavy hands and mirrors defenders really well.  Despite being tall for a center he gets pretty good leverage and plays with a low base.  His technique is solid with good hand placement and is sticky through contact.  He will be susceptible to the bull rush in the NFL as he doesn’t possess a real strong base.  He will get overextended and lunge into contact too often.  I counted 13 bad snaps out of the shotgun in 2011.

Run Blocking:  Brewster is an above-average athlete with solid short area quickness.  He shows solid footwork and has solid range.  He can break down in open areas and hold his own in the open field.  I can’t see him anchoring against bigger DT’s in the NFL.  Much better as a move blocker that isn’t hat on hat.  He doesn’t generate enough lower body power to push defenders in reverse.

Bottom Line:  Michael Brewster is a good athlete that lacks the lower body strength to hold up against powerful defenders in the NFL.  He really struggled his senior season as some thought of him as a first-round center prospect.  He is an experienced leader that should warrant early attention base on leadership.  He could be a starter in the NFL in short time but may never be “elite”.

Draft Projection:  3

Author: Brad

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