Brandon Brooks Scouting Report

"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Brandon Brooks"Brandon Brooks

Miami (Ohio)

Ht. 6-5 Wt. 343

Pass Blocking:  Brooks is a naturally strong athlete that is exceptional anchoring in the pass game.  The combination of length and strength allow him to win most of the leverage battles.  He has strong hands that allow him to be sticky on contact.  He’s tough to shake once he gets his arms extended and his hands inside the defenders chest plate.  He doesn’t have great range which probably makes him best suited to play on the interior.  His footwork in his slide needs a ton of work (crosses feet and gets off balance).  He has a tendency to lunge into contact rather keeping his base and sliding with his feet.

Run Blocking:  Brooks has a naturally strong build that allows him to push defenders where he wants.  He has long arms and is sticky through contact.  Keeps his pad level down and engages through the whistle.  He’s not an explosive athlete by any means but doesn’t need to be with his strength.  He’s not going to excel as a move blocker as he really struggles to break down in space. 

Technique:  His footwork leaves a bit to be desired.  He crosses his feet and loses balance too easily.  He does use good hand placement and is a force once his hands are on the defender.

Athleticism/Strength:  Good athlete for his size.  His natural strength and long arms make up for a lot of what he lacks athletically.  He doesn’t possess elite range on the edge but good enough to be an effective RT in the league.  His strength is other-worldly.

Bottom Line:  Brandon Brooks is an impressive physical specimen that carries his weight really well.  Played guard and tackle at Miami but his game fits better in-line in the NFL.  He’s a perfect fit in a power run scheme that doesn’t require him to move block in open spaces often.  Man on man, you won’t find many better than Brooks in this draft.  This was a guy I was able to see in person on several occasions and was the clear standout in all the games.  Impressive and intimidating size.

Draft Projection:  2-3

Author: Brad

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