Nate Potter Scouting Report

"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Nate Potter"Nate Potter

Boise St.

Ht. 6-6 Wt. 300

Pass Blocking:  Potter is a natural bender with above-average athleticism.  Sits low in his base with excellent range off the edge.  Good kick slide and solid technique with his hands.  He holds defenders through contact.  Worry about him against power.  He is narrow through the hips on doesn’t generate enough power from his lower body.  He looked a bit stronger in the lower half in 2011 but still needs to add girth through the base to hold up against NFL bull rushers.

Run Blocking:  Plus athlete that works his way to the second level with ease.  Good reach blocker and is excellent pulling from the backside.  He isn’t a great drive blocker and may be a better fit in the ZBS because of lack of lower body strength.  He is tough to shake once his hands are engaged. 

Technique:  His understanding of blocking schemes makes him really effective.  He understands angles and stays engaged throughout the entire play.  His hands are solid and is sticky through contact.  Excellent footwork but needs to work on not getting overextended to the outside allowing defenders inside with powerful counters.

Athleticism/Strength:  Potter is an excellent athlete at the tackle position.  He possesses above-average footwork and one of the better kick-slides in the draft.  His strength leaves a bit to be desired and he’ll have to get stronger in the lower half to be a starter in the league.

Bottom Line:  Potter’s forte may be as a zone blocker in the NFL.  He can man the left side but will need to add girth to his base in order to be a starter.  I don’t see Potter as an immediate starter but someone that will be an effective tackle after a year or two of NFL offseason training.

Draft Projection:  3

Author: Brad

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