2012 NFL Offensive Tackle Prospects

"2012 NFL offensive tackle prospects"The 2012 NFL offensive tackle prospect class could surprise some as a very, talented deep class if some key individuals declare for the 2012 NFL Draft.

The 2012 class features a headliner in Matt Kalil.  Brother ofCarolinacenter Ryan Kalil, Matt is the clear cut top 2012 NFL offensive tackle prospect.  Behind him (and not by much) is standout Stanford OT, Jonathan Martin.  The key to making or breaking this class will be early departures of guys like D.J. Fluker (will include) and Xavier Nixon (won’t include).  I chose not to include some collegiate tackles that I thought would move to guard in the NFL (Nate Potter and Trevor Olson).

Here’s a look at the 2012 NFL offensive tackle class:

1.  Matt Kalil, OT, USC

Height: 6’6  Weight: 295

Kalil is a redshirt junior that held down the left tackle spot at USC despite competition from the 9th overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, Tyron Smith.  The only negative for Kalil is that he will have follow in Smith’s footsteps and add weight.  Other than that, he is a solid all around left tackle and someone that could solidify the left side of an NFL offensive line for the next 10-15 years.  He has solid footwork and shields defenders with great hand placement and his long arms.

2012 NFL Draft projection:  Top 5

2.  Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford

Height: 6’6  Weight: 305

Martin is only a junior but is probably the most complete OT in the draft.  He excels in the run and pass game and has immediate starting abilities for an NFL team.  I expect he and Kalil to battle it out for the top 2012 NFL offensive tackle prospect.  He is athletic and surprisingly powerful for his build.  He has the frame to add weight with no hinderance to his athleticism.

2012 NFL Draft projection:  Top 10

3.  D.J. Fluker, OT, Alabama

Height: 6’6  Weight: 335

I have hesitated to include the RS sophomore in the 2012 NFL offensive tackle prospect rankings because he is a long shot to declare.  He may be the most talented OT prospect among this bunch but is still working on his technique.  He is an athletic freak at 335 pounds as he moves like a 290 pound OT.  If Fluker doesn’t declare for the 2012 draft he will be a lock for a top 5 spot in the 2013 NFL Draft.

2012 NFL Draft projection:  Top 10

4.  Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa

Height: 6’6  Weight: 300

The former defensive end has made the transition into a top tackle.  Most are really high on Reiff because of his combination of athleticism and work ethic.  I, however, see significant holes that make me believe he will have to play RT in the NFL.  That said, his athleticism and solid technique will allow a team to take him in the first round.

2012 NFL Draft projection:  1

5.  Tanner Hawkinson, OT, Kansas

Height 6’6  Weight: 295

Hawkinson is a former tight end and you can immediately tell because of his athletic abilities.  Most will say this is too high for Hawkinson but his ceiling is through the roof.  He is still learning the position from a fundamentals standpoint and he’s one the best tackles in the Big XII.  At the end of the day, Hawkinson improves in 2011 and winds up in round one.  Hawkinson is one to watch in 2012 and a guy NFL’s Future feels will break out.

2012 NFL Draft projection:  1

6.  Ricky Wagner, OT, Wisconsin

Height 6’6  Weight: 325

Bring on the boo birds but this guy is a stud and one of my sleepers amongst the 2012 NFL offensive tackle prospects.  I think he’s a better pro prospect than Gabe Carimi, yeah I said it.  Wagner is a power guy but has enough finesse to  make it as a tackle in the NFL for a long time.  Wagner may not be an ideal LT but could be a Pro Bowler on the right side.

2012 NFL Draft projection:  1-2

7.  Mike Adams, OT, Ohio State

Height: 6’8  Weight: 305

Mike Adams is a guy you want to be more consistent.  When he’s on he is a top tackle and when he is off he doesn’t make this list.  He has had his share of off the field concerns in his college career at OSU.  After two seasons of mediocrity,Adamscame on in his junior season.  While there were times of inconsistency he for the most part was solid in 2010.  After serving his five game suspension, NFL’s Future will be keeping a close eye onAdamsplay and his standing on the 2012 NFL offensive tackle prospects list will be fluid throughout the season.

2012 NFL Draft projection:  2

8.  Bobby Massie, OT, Ole Miss

Height: 6’6  Weight: 320

I’m stepping outside my comfort zone on Massie.  I think he does well to stay for his senior year but if plays up to his abilities he could wind up in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft.  For now, I will exercise caution and put him in the 8th spot in the 2012 NFL offensive tackle prospects list.  Massie is a massive OT prospect with a high ceiling.  Some would argue that his teammate Bradley Sowell is the better prospect but I beg to differ.  Massie’s combination of mauling strength and surprising footwork intrigue me and probably will intrigue scouts.

2012 NFL Draft projection:  2

9.  Andrew Datko, OT, Florida State

Height: 6’6  Weight: 311

Datko is an experienced tackle that has the size/strength combination to be a successful NFL tackle.  He will have to work on his footwork and a tendency to get overextended.  He has 25 starts under his belt and is well liked by the FSU coaching staff for his motor and work ethic.  If Datko can work on his feet he should be a solid tackle in the NFL.

2012 NFL Draft projection:  2

10.  Elvis Fisher, T, Missouri

Height: 6’5  Weight: 295

Fisher has started for Mizzou since his freshman season and barring injury will end his collegiate career with over 50 starts.  He is not a guy that will jump off tape but is solid and wins matchups with superb technique.  He doesn’t have the athleticism of the other top tackles but makes up for with his craftiness and experience.

2012 NFL Draft projection:  2-3

Matt Reynolds, T, BYU

Levy Adcock, T, Oklahoma State

Blake DeChristopher, T, Virginia Tech

Bradley Sowell, T, Ole Miss

Josh Oglesby, T, Wisconsin

Matt McCants, T, UAB

Mitchell Schwartz, T, California

Mike Ryan, T,Connecticut

J.B. Shugarts, T, Ohio State

Al Netter, T, Northwestern

Author: Brad

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  • IronMan211

    J.B. Shugarts is terrible and shouldn’t be on this list. The only other change I would make is Levy Adcock in the top 10 (8-10 range) and Elvis Fisher down to like 15.

    • Brad

      Shugarts ranking would put him in the 5-6th round range. Do you think he’s undraftable?