Why Donovan to Minnesota Won’t Work

Earlier in the week, Sports Illustrated writer, Peter King offered up his opinion that Donovan McNabb’s best fit would be with the Minnesota Vikings.  It didn’t take long for this to become internet rumor.  I have read article after article on why Donovan McNabb is a good fit in Minnesota, so here are the top five reasons why the Viking’s shouldn’t consider Donovan McNabb:

  1. McNabb is set to make a whopping $12.5 million and it is likely to cost the Vikings a mid round pick in 2011 or 2012. 
  2. McNabb is just not that good, anymore.  Ever one seems to forget that McNabb was ushered out of Philadelphia on the first thing steaming and driven by Daniel Snyder.  We have also forgotten that McNabb was benched for the likes of Rex Grossman.  Twice. 
  3. McNabb will be 35 next season and Shanahan consistently questioned his work ethic and motivation last season.  Is that something that gets better with age?
  4. McNabb’s quarterback rating last year was 77.1.  Minnesota fans, the guy you ran out of town, Tarvaris Jackson’s career quarterback rating was 76.6. 
  5. The argument that Minnesota is built to win now is a thing of the past.  The Vikings are aging and Minnesota’s reliance on the legs of Adrian Peterson is quickly falling by the wayside.  McNabb failed to lead more talented, built-to-win-now teams to Championship dreams.

In my mind, and maybe only in my mind, a Minnesota acquisition of Donovan McNabb only sets the organization back even further.  Minnesota brass and fans need to realize they are not Super Bowl contenders in 2011, or 2012 for that matter, even with Donovan on board. 

Minnesota has gone the retread quarterback route before and we see what that got them. 

There are cheaper (and better) bridges out there than Donovan McNabb.  Minnesota needs to draft a quarterback high at whatever cost or dive into the Kevin Kolb sweepstakes.

Author: Brad

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